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This is a Veteran Owned site


Rumors of my "huge corporate shop" aside, the truth is I work in a two car garage - just like many of you. That is intentional (and budgetary) as I wanted NewWoodworker.com to reflect the average woodworker.
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There is no person (or company) behind the curtain...

The idea behind NewWoodworker.com LLC was simple - provide easy to understand information for woodworkers. Though big shops are nice for TV and ads, I produce NewWoodworker.com content in my own home-based shop with all of the space, environmental and electrical complications most of you deal with.

The original concept was to focus on beginning woodworkers as the NewWoodworker.com LLC name suggests. However, from the day it was launched, veteran woodworkers flocked to NewWoodworker.com in surprising numbers. That demographic diversity continues to this day.

Contrary to assertions by the all-knowing forum experts, NewWoodworker.com LLC is solely and wholly owned by myself. There are no hidden owners, partners or sponsors, including whatever tool manufacturer currently has the attention (or wrath) of the aforementioned "experts". I have been approached by magazine publishers and manufacturers about selling out or merging NewWoodworker.com LLC with their entities but thankfully did not and will not. The money was occasionally tempting but NewWoodworker.com LLC works because it is totally independent.

This (left) is "corporate central" for Newwoodworker.com. I do all of my own writing, photography, video and site building right here. I also keep a laptop by my easy chair where much of the text is written with reruns of His Normness in the background. Making the shop even smaller (right) are the lights, cameras and stands and sound equipment needed to produce the material used on Newwoodworker.com. It gets a might tight at times.
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NewWoodworker.com LLC is really an open ended (on line) magazine; one issue that constantly grows and evolves. You don't have to subscribe, renew or go to a newsstand to get it. Plus, NewWoodworker.com LLC is free and will remain so. (Donations are accepted)

NewWoodworker.com LLC will continue to respond to what is happening in woodworking, to viewer suggestions and questions. As always, I welcome your input so feel free to email your thoughts, ideas and concerns. All are important to me!

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Tom Hintz, Publisher
NewWoodworker.com LLC


All written, photographic and drawn materials are property of and copyright by NewWoodworker.com LLC 2000-2019. Materials may not be used in any way without the written permission of the owner.
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