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Free Sound Files!

Original sounds from NewWoodworker.com

Created by Tom Hintz, owner

Posted - 6-28-2012

For some time now people occasionally ask if we would ever make portions of our video sound tracks available for viewers. During recent upgrades of our sound editing software I decided now wads a good time to do just that.

The sound files below are offered in few very popular formats including .wav for Windows sounds and general use, mp3 also fits many applications and the m4r format commonly used for ring tones on I-Phones.

If you notice a sound that might make a good clip for this page let me know!

NewWoodworker.com Sound Files

Left click on the files to hear them, right click on them to save the file to your computer.
Note: The m4r Ringtone files will not play from here, you have to save them to your computer and onto your Iphone through Itunes.

SawStop Brake Deploying

This is the original recording of my SawStop deploying the brake during the Tool Review taping.

sawstopbrake wav file
sawstopbrake mp3 file
sawstopbrake m4r ringtone

Wood chisel struck with wooden mallet

Cordless Drill

Drill Driver w/ Chuck

Dust Collector

Drill Press

Electric Bench Grinder

Hammer Nail Into Wood

Rubber Mallet on Wood



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