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Woodworking For The Masses

www.newwoodworker.com Begins

Like most of you, woodworking began for me as a simple hobby that quickly expanded in proportion. What began with a circle saw morphed into a radial arm saw, band saw, table saw, drill press, jointer, router, surface planer, assorted jigs, sanders and other "must have" equipment.

   In the rush to get the proper equipment in place to fulfill the lofty promises of furniture and other needed "projects" for an occasionally skeptical wife, my woodworking skills fell behind the capacities of my shop.

   The long hours and unpredictable schedule of my day job prevented enrolling in structured woodworking classes or other formal training. Consequently, my woodworking education was nurtured by various woodworking magazines and ogling Norm Abram on his New Yankee Workshop television program whenever possible. For the most part, I watch Norm to see HOW he does things, not WHAT he is doing. Truckloads of mahogany are not likely to show up at my shop any time soon.

   My skills are developing over time, often on a trial and error basis that hopefully is accelerated by logic and common sense. Much of woodworking is applying basic techniques modified slightly by our individual preferences.
   It occurred to me that many woodworkers at the hobbyist level are probably in a similar situation as I. Perhaps a web site featuring the surprises encountered and lessons learned would be as beneficial to them as they have been to me. Other woodworkers with more refined skills may also find tips or situations that will make their labors more fun, or safer.

   With these simple ideas in mind, www.newwoodworker.com, the latest project I do not have time for begins.

Tom Hintz , owner
NewWoodworker.com LLC

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