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The articles listed below are presented as information only. Always follow the instructions that came with your tools! - Tom Hintz

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Newest Article - PR Jerk

Accuracy In Woodworking
Does using precision tools make you foolish?

Am I a Woodworker?
My email suggests that you wonder this about yourself

Auto-Centering Scribes
A nice little home-made tool that works great!

Bad Tool Posts on the Internet
The cyberspace version of One Bad Apple

Band Saw Blade Storage
Simple enough I can do it!

The Biggest Danger is Us!
And we know it but usually don't do anything about it!

Brand Overconscientious
Are there cliques in woodworking?

Building Raised Panel Doors
With the right tools and a little patience, it's easy!

Buy a Jointer or Planer First?
Yes, there is an answer!

Buying Woodworking Tools
Buy what you need, need what you buy!

Changes at NewWoodworker.com
It's good stuff, honest!

Cost Shopping
Is saving a buck costing you money?

Fitting the Ill-Fitting.
Those little sticky note pads come in handy!

Free Norm!
This effort is outdated since Norm chose to retire.

Growth-Driven Changes at NewWoodworker.com

Hindsight and Narrow Minds
The two always seem to find each other

His Normness
Love him or hate him, Norm Abram is a player in woodworking.

Hopping Up the Delta X5 Bandsaw

Holiday Gift Project Ideas

I Get Email #10
I do get normal emails!

I Get Email #9
Yes, they continue to come

I Get Email #8
Mothers Day Edition

I Get Email #7
Yes, there is more

I Get Email #6
Once again the cyber mailbag is confusing

I Get Emails #5
You bring out the kid in me

I Get Emails #4
Some of you are watching way too closely...

I Get Emails #3
Yep, there are more

I Get Emails #2
Disheveled thoughts from a tiny minority of viewers

I Get Emails #1
There are a very small number of people out there with bubbles in their think tanks!

I Got the Twitter!
Just an easy way to keep you informed

I Got a Smaller Table Saw - On Purpose
But I will be OK - Honest

If Brains Were Dynamite
A small number of you couldn't blow your nose

I Have Alzheimer's
But I am still here and fighting on

Infinity Tools Q & A
The real story from Infinity CEO David Venditto

Inside the Leigh Dovetail Jig Manual
It's well-illustrated, industry-leading truth

Instructions and Information
Woodworkers want more than they are getting

Instruction Manuals
Keep them handy!

It Gets Better
Learning woodworking can be frustrating at times.

This time it wasn't someone else...

Making Table Saw Trivets

NewWoodworker.com in 2005
Getting bigger but staying the course!

NewWoodworker.com - 2009 in review
And, where do we go from here?

NewWoodworker.com LLC in 2009
The momentum continues...

NewWoodworker.com Safety Survey Report
No matter how long you have been doing woodworking, you need to read this report!

Nickel Test
Legit or Parlor Trick?

No Hand Tools on NewWoodworker.com?
It's all me, not them - honest

PR Jerk
I get another education

Preparing Stock With A Jointer and Planer
It's the sequence!

Plugging Countersink Holes
Your basic cover-up!

Ripping - Houston we have a problem!
Paying attention is very helpful!

Safety Survey 2
Woodworkers are still taking too many chances

Setting Up the Mortising Machine
It's easy and saves money!

Ulterior Motives
Or they were lookin' back to see if I was lookin' back to see if they were lookin' back at me

Woodworking Techniques and Procedures
You're opinion is the one that counts

Woodworking For The Masses
The opening editorial. (5-21-02)



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