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Yep. Me again and I am just as astonished as anyone that this email continues to come in.
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I Get Email #9

The "1% or so" Crowd Speaks Again

Text, photo and video by Tom Hintz

Posted - 8-2-2012

Every once in a while I think that perhaps the goofy emails have slowed but that never lasts long. Once again I should say that way over 99% of the people who stop by NewWoodworker.com or email me are reasoned people with legitimate questions or comments. I love getting them as that input helps me decide how to run my sites. But as with any segment of society, we have a few running around with bubbles in their think tanks and they decide to vent in my direction.

I guess I should be happy as they have provided the material for a whole new section for my site. Some are pretty funny, others make me worry about woodworking in general. If their numbers ever grow to significance, our hobby could be in serious trouble! The good news right now is that their numbers do not appear to be growing. Could it be that they simply reproduce at a lower rate than the rest of humanity? We can only hope.

Anyway, sit back and enjoy I Get Email #9. The lunatic fringe is in good form.

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