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Top 10 Tools of the Year Lists

NewWoodworker.com Top Ten Tools of 2011
Quality still grabs lots of attention

NewWoodworker.com Top Ten Tools of 2010
See the tools that our viewers liked best!

NewWoodworker.com Top Ten Tools of 2009
The best keep getting better

NewWoodworker.com Top Ten Tools of 2008
Our viewers have spoken - Loudly!

NewWoodworker.com Top Ten Tools of 2007
Making the grade with our viewers!

NewWoodworker.com Top Ten Tools of 2006
See what tools our viewers liked best this year!

NewWoodworker.com Top Ten Tools of 2005
Based on viewer traffic and input.



ColdHeat Cordless Glue Gun
Portable handiness for the shop

Gorilla Glue Expands - Its Line
More adhesive solutions from a pioneer in polyurethane glues

Gorilla Wood Glue
Fast, strong and American Made

Gorilla Glue
Polyurethane versatility & strength

Rockler Silicone Glue Brush
Finally! Innovation that's actually innovation!

Titebond HiPURformance Advanced Bonding System
Hot-melt polyurethane = strength with speed!

The Titebond Family of Glues
Nine ways to get stuck and like it!


Air Tools

Bosch FNA-250-15 Angled Finish Nailer
Full featured air nailer the Bosch way

Fuji Mini-Mite 3 HVLP Kit
Putting finish where you want it

Harbor Freight Brad Nailer/Stapler Kit
My first - and last - overpriced bargain tool

Hitachi NT65GA Gas Finish Nailer
It's Got Gas!

Hitachi EC 79 Oil-Free Compressor
6-Gallon capacity, compact size

Ridgid R150FSA, Narrow Crown Stapler

Ridgid R213BNA, 18Ga. Brad Nailer

Ridgid R250AFA, 15GA, Angled Finish Nailer

Porter Cable #BN125A Brad Nailer - 18 Ga.
Reliable, versatile and economical

Senco FinshPro Brad Nailer/Compressor Kit - 18 Ga.

Ridgid Oil-Free, Twin Tank Compressor

Craftsman 1 Hp Compressor

Porter Cable #DA250B Finish Nailer (Angled) - 15 Ga.
A versatile powerhouse for your shop

Porter Cable FN250A Finish Nailer - 16 Ga.
Power, accuracy and safety

Porter Cable #NS150A Narrow Crown Stapler
It's not your teacher stapler!

Looks wrong, works right!


Bench Tools & Related

Bosch MX25EK-21 Multi-X Oscillating Tool
A versatile tool and a plethora (bunch) of attachments!

Bosch RapidFeedTM Spade Bits
Technology updates an ancient design

Craftsman Drill Set/Assortment

Corner Chisel
A little lifesaver

Irwin Utility Knives
Updating for accuracy, performance and safety

Resurrecting the dowel joint the easy way!

Kreg Deck Jig
Pro deck installation at a DIY price!

Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig Kit
Pocket holes for the shop and home!

Kreg R3 Pocket Hole Kit

Kreg K3 Pocket Hole Jigs

Marples Woodworking Chisels
Quality tools for real-world shops and budgets

Miller Dowel System

Milwaukee Super Sawzall
On our sister site - NewMetalworker.com

Rockler Bench Cookies
I'm as amazed as [many of] you are!

Rockler Pro Shelf Pin Jig
How I would have made it (if I had CNC machines, skill, time, etc)

Rockler Bench Cookie Cones
Rockler's Ingenuity is Hanging Out Again...

Rockler Bench Cookies - Part Deux!
Yes, they have done it again!

Rockwell Bladerunner
An old idea in modern clothing

Stanley FatMax Chisel Set
New thinking from an old friend

VersaSpin 360®
Turntables for hobbies and the shop

Vise-Grip Locking Pliers & Clamps
From our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com


Book - Video Reviews


Woodturning Jewellery

Scenes of North American Wildlife for the Scroll Saw

Wildlife Intarsia - Instructions and patterns!

Miniature Wooden Clocks For The Scroll Saw

Woodturning Wizardry

Learn To Turn

Holiday Ornaments for the Scroll Saw Review

Understanding Wood Finishing
Absolutely the best book on finishing I have seen!

Classic Woodturning Projects with Bonnie Klein
Easy to follow, easy to learn

Woodworker's Pocket Reference - By Charlie Self


Video/DVD Reviews

Top 4 NewWoodworker.com Jigs
Plans & How-To DVD! 30-min, produced by NewWoodworker.com LLC

Table Saw Basics
43-min - produced by NewWoodworker.com LLC

The Basic Bowl DVD
54-min. - produced by NewWoodworker.com LLC

Turning Peppermills
39-min - produced by NewWoodworker.com LLC

Turning Pens
31-min - produced by NewWoodworker.com LLC

Turning Projects with Richard Raffan
A master demonstrates the basics.

Bandsaw Tuning DVD
From Carter Products

The Pocket Hole Solution To Building Cabinets DVD
From Kreg Tools



Boeshield 3-Part Tool Care Kit

Aircraft quality care for woodworking iron!

Empire ToolSaver System
New chemistry for old problems

The BladeSaver System
Fast, safe blade and cutter cleaning!

Loctite Threadlockers
(From our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com)

TopSaver System
Cast Iron cleaning & rust prevention - Empire Mfg.



Bessey Rapid Action Clamp
The new twist is no twist!

Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps
A decidedly user-friendly step up

Bessey K Body Revo JR
Middle of the road clamping just took a step up!

Bessey Lever Clamps Review
From our sister site www.newmetalworker.com

Bessey 2400S Series Welding Clamps
(On our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com)

Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamps
New thinking in strap clamps!

Bessey PowerGrip One-Handed Clamps
When one-handed really is one-handed!

Bessey KliKlamps®
Light, fast and plenty strong!

Bessey Edge Clamps
Installing banding has never been so "Bessey Easy"

Bessey Clippix Spring Clamps
Simplicity Plus

Bessey Angle Clamps
Easy precision, unique function

Bessey U Style Bar Clamps
Powerful simplicity that you can use - often

Bessey Vario K Body Revo Clamping System
Expanded clamping capabilities in less space

Bessey DKX DuoKlamp Extenders
A DuoKlamp accessory with big reach capacity

Bessey EZS One Hand Clamps
Why the other (clamp) guys are looking over their shoulders...

Bessey H Series Pipe Clamps
How pipe clamps should have been made all along

Bessey TC Jobsite F-Clamps
Economy without sacrificing the Bessey quality

Bessey TG "Tradesman" F-Clamps
Tough, simple and handy

Bessey DuoKlamps
Tough, versatile and economical - all at once!

Bessey K Body Revo Parallel Jaw Clamps
Stepping up the standard

Bessey UniKlamps
Bargain price, Bessey quality

BowClamp™ Cauls
It's the arc stupid!

Craftsman Parallel Bar Clamps
Quality, interchangeability and economy

JET Parallel Jaw Clamps
Bar clamps done right!

Jorgensen Cabinet Master Clamps

Jorgensen ISD Bar and Pony Hand Clamps

Leigh Bench & Surface Mount Clamps
The Leigh "Whiz Kids" get clamping right!

Pony Pipe Clamps - 3/4"

Rockler Sure-Foot F-Style Clamps
These clamps stand on their own so that you can work easier

Rockler Universal Fence Clamps
A good idea done right

Woodpeckers Clamping Solutions
Flat Bars (cauls), Side Kicks & Magnetic Clamping Bars

Woodpeckers Clamping Squares

Looks wrong, works right!


Cordless Tools

Bosch 12V Max Multi-X Carpenter Kit
A small tool with a big list of uses

Bosch PS20-2A Pocket Driver
Very cool and very useful

Bosch 10.8-V I-Driver Kit
Innovation done right

Bosch PS20 "Pocket Driver" Kit
The right size and power for every day use

Bosch Impactor 14.4V Impact Driver

Bosch #53518, 18V Planer Kit
Take-it-anywhere trimming and smoothing

Bosch #52318 18V Cordless Jigsaw
A top-notch tool from the king of jigsaw makers

Bosch Brute-Tough Drill/Driver - 14.4 Volt

Craftsman Professional 20-Volt Drill Driver Kit
Also, looks at other Craftsman cordless tools

Hitachi DS18DBL Cordless Drill/Driver
Versatile and newly controllable cordless power

Hitachi DV 18DCL 18V Cordless Hammer Drill
A lightweight but tough performer

Hitachi WH18 DL, 18v Cordless Impact Driver
Lithium Ion technology just got more affordable

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Jig Saw
The power to go cordless

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Jig Saw
Power and durability without the cord!

Milwaukee M18 Compact Drill Driver
Big things in smaller and smaller packages

Milwaukee #0724-24, V-28 Hammer-Drill/Driver Kit
Lithium-Ion battery technology is here!

Milwaukee #0612-22, 14.4V Compact Cordless Drill/Driver Kit
Solid performer in a complete kit!

Ridgid #82233, 12-volt Angle Head Impact Driver

Ridgid 12-Volt Drill Driver

Ryobi 18-Volt Orbital Jig Saw

Skil iXO Palm Size Screwdriver
It's little but useful!


Dust Control

Delta 1 1/2 HP Industrial Dust Collector #50-760
1200 CFM and 1 Micron Filtering at a great price!

Dust Sucker & Moretm
Another wonder from Stots!

Delta AP100 Ambient Air Cleaner
No longer available.

JET Vortex Cone Dust Collector
Bringing the good kind of cyclone to your shop

JET AFS-400 Air Filter & DC-500 Dust Collector
Performance & Price - A Woodworking Oddity!

JET DC1100C Dust Collector
Canister filtering done right!

Powermatic PM1200 Air Filtration System
It's quiet, effective and very cool looking.

POWERMATIC PM1300 Dust Collector
In goes the dust, out comes clean air!

POWERMATIC DC1900 Dust Collector
Dual canister power and efficiency

Rockler Dust Right Vortex Dust Separator
Making your shop-vac feel (and act) better



Beall Tilt Box
Setting cutting tool angles has never been easier or more precise

Bosch Power Box 360
A clear, loud and digital-savvy worksite radio/charger and power supply

Bosch Power Box
Tunes, charging and more for the shop/job site

Bosch DWM 40L Miter Finder
A common problem solved

Digi-Fence System
Digital accuracy for the table saw

Johnson Red Beam Industrial Magnetic Pulley and Sheave Alignment Laser
Using beams of light for super accuracy

Johnson Digital Angle Locator
Perfect miters from odd numbers - every time

Johnson Level's 230' Laser Distance Measure
Small in size, big in range , accuracy and quality

Johnson Electronic Self-Leveling Horizontal & Vertical Rotary GreenBrite Laser
Why mortal lasers are turning "GreenBrite" with envy

Johnson Self-Leveling Rotary 800 Laser Level
No hands leveling for the shop of worksite

Johnson Self-Leveling 2-Dot Laser Level
For when plumb has to be plumb!

Johnson Electronic Level Inclinometer
(on our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com)

Johnson Manual-Leveling Rotary Laser
Level all around is within your reach and budget

Lumber Wizard™ 4
So metal and cutters shall never meet

Little Wizard II
Find what you can't see

Lumber Wizard III
Find the metal you can't see!

NeatDesk™ Scanner & Digital Filing System
Organize documents, receipts and more quickly and effortlessly

SmartTool Levels
The digital age eliminates little bubbles

Wagner L609 Moisture Meter
What's wet & what aint!


Grinding - Sharpening

Bosch #1380 Slim 4-1/2" Angle Grinder
(On our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com)

DeWalt DW818 4-1/2" Angle Grinder
(On our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com)

DMT Dia-Sharp® Magna-Disc Systems
Diamonds in the rough make steel smooth an d sharp

Drill Doctor 750X
(On our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com)

JET 8" Bench Grinder with Pedestal Stand
(On our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com)

JET Slow Speed Wet Grinder - JSSG-10
The new kid on the sharpening block shows the way

JET Slow Speed Wet Sharpener Jig Reviews
Individual looks at the jigs that extend utility

JET Slow Speed Wet Sharpener - Tormek SuperGrind Comparison
Side-By-Side in the Real World

Truing Tool Advancer
Ingenious help for the Tormek wheel

Rockler 3-Piece Mortising Chisel Sharpening Kit
Revive your chisels and save money in the process!

Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig
Light on fancy, heavy in function and value

Oneway Precision Balancing System
A simple way to balance grinding wheels effectively

Delta 6" Bench Grinder

Tormek SuperGrind 2000


Layout, Marking & Measuring

1-2-3 MicroGage
Accurate, compact and well made

Center Point Centering Tape Measure

Bosch DMW 40L Miter Finder
It does the figuring!

iGaging Digital Measuring Instruments
(On our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com)

Incra Rules
Innovative precision from INCRA!

Incra Guaranteed Squares
The name is their promise

Irwin Squares and Levels
Comon sense design for long-term accuracy, durability and ease of use

Johnson Digital Angle Locator
Perfect miters from odd numbers - every time

Johnson Level's 230' Laser Distance Measure
Small in size, big in range , accuracy and quality

Johnson Specialty Tape Measures
More than simple tape measures to be sure...

Johnson Tiling and Flooring Laser
Lay tile while others are still drawing layouts!

Johnson Three-Beam Magnetic Torpedo Laser Level
From our sister site www.newmetalworker.com

Johnson Post Level
Do you have to be dumb as a post to not use it?

Johnson Electronic Self-Leveling Horizontal & Vertical rotary GreenBrite Laser
Why mortal lasers are turning "GreenBrite" with envy

Johnson Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser
Getting double-crossed the good way

Johnson EcoTech® Series Wood Levels
Finally! Woodworking "Bling" that actually works!

Johnson Glo-View® Magnetic Torpedo Level
On our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com

Johnson Level & Tool Rules
On our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com

Johnson Level & Tool Laser Distance Measure
Accuracy and speed in a box

Johnson Level & Tool Adjust-A-Square - 48"
Big layouts made easy - and accurate

Kreg Square-Cut
I should have thought of this long ago....

Kreg Multi-Mark
Compact with lots of uses!

Lufkin Measuring Tapes and a Stick
Tightly focused innovation

MAG-DRO Caliper Bases
A simple idea executed right

Oneway Multi-Gauge
Simple precision

Universal Angle Guide - MasterGage.com
Warning: This will make you want to destroy those plastic angle finders

Wixey Digital Angle Gauge
(On our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com)

Woodpeckers TS-32-2 Precision Square
Perfect Length, Perfectly Accurate!

Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges
High-end accuracy and Durability for your shop

Woodpeckers Precision Triangles
When being square really is cool

Woodpeckers SERX-24 Precision Straight Edge
High end accuracy - shop friendly price

Woodpeckers' Inc. SER24 Precision Straightedge

Woodpeckers, Inc. T-12 Precision Aluminum T-Squares
Extending accuracy

Woodpeckers, Inc. Precision Aluminum Squares
Bigger = more accuracy - Includes a look at the Mini Squares

Woodpeckers Saw Gauge
High-end precision and it actually fits your miter slots!


Mobile Bases

Rockler Mobile Base Kit


Power Tools - Bench


Power Tools Hand - Held

Circular Saws

Bosch CS20 7 1/4" Circular Saw
Accurate, versatile and tough

Craftsman Contractor's 7 1/4" Circular Saw
Nicely Built, Nicely Designed

DeWALT TrackSaw
Cutting straight, clean - automatically!

Porter Cable MAG423 - 7 1/4" Circular Saw - Left Bladed
Light and Loaded!

Porter Cable 743K - 7 1/4" Circle Saw - Left Bladed
Power, accuracy and easy to use

Ridgid R3210 7 1/4" Worm Drive - Left Bladed
Power, features and a good price!


Power Feeders

Powermatic PF-41, 1HP, 4-Wheel Feeder
Power and capacity the Powermatic way

Powermatic PF3-JR 3-Wheel Power Feeder
High-end power feeding at a budget price

Powermatic PF-31, 1 HP, 3-Wheel Feeder
Capacity, durability and power for your shop



Bosch JS470EB Barrel Grip Jig Saw
Leading the industry is never enough for these guys!

Bosch Xtra-Clean for Wood Jigsaw Blades
Who woulda' thunk it! Clean cuts, top AND bottom!

Jigsaw - Bosch 1591EVS - Barrel Grip
The best goes strapless!

Jigsaw - Bosch 1590EVS - Top Handle
Here Endeth the Blade-Changing Wars

Jigsaw - Bosch 1587AVSK - Top Handle
A look at the leader

Milwaukee #6268-21, Top Handle Jigsaw Kit
Contractor tough, woodworker features

Milwaukee #6266-22, Top Handle Jigsaw Kit
Tough, powerful and a good value!


Biscuit Joiners

Porter Cable #557
An old standby


Band Saws

Delta X5 #28-475X, 14" Bandsaw
Includes reviews of the 6" riser kit and mobile base!

Finally! No more riser block!

JET JWBS-16B, 16" Band Saw
Big shop capacity, durability and power at a small shop price

JET JWBS-18QT-3, 18", 3 HP Band Saw
Big capacity, big power, rick features!

Well-built and loaded with aftermarket features

Craftsman - 12"
Solid Saw - Good price


Band Saw Blades & Accessories

Carter Magfence

Carter AccuRight Circle Cutting Jig

Carter (Blade) Stabilizers

Kreg Precision Band Saw Fence
Includes a look at the Micro-Adjuster and Re-Saw Guide Add-Ons

Carter Roller Guide Upgrade Kit

Timber Wolf (Suffolk Machine)
When "Too good to be true," turns out to be true


Drill Presses

JET JDP-15MF Floor Mount Drill Press
A very capable, rugged bargain!

JET JDP-15M Bench Mount Drill Press
It IS a bench mount drill press - Honest!

Lots of feature and capacity without the price!

Powermatic PM2800 18" Variable Speed Drill Press
(On our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com)



DeWALT- DW735, 13", Heavy Duty Thickness Planer

Delta 6" Professional Jointer (#37-195)
It appears that this machine is no longer available.

Delta 13", 2-Speed Finish Planer
It appears that this machine is no longer available.

Delta - 6" Benchtop Jointer
Small but it does the job!

Delta #22-540 Surface Planer - 12"
It appears that this machine is no longer available.

JET 6" Long Bed Jointers (JJ-6CSDX & JJ-6HHDX)
Big shop capabilities, small shop prices

JET JJ-6CSX 6" Closed Stand Jointer
Big shop capabilities at a small shop price

JET 12" Jointer/Planer Combination
A powerhouse in space-saver clothing

Powermatic 54HH Helical Head, 6" Jointer
Buying the last jointer you will ever need first

Powermatic PJ-882 8", Parallelogram Jointer
It's aircraft carrier big, heavy and accurate!

Powermatic PM15HH Helical Head Planer
The super clean-cutting, strong and (nearly) silent type

Powermatic PM15 Planer/Molder
Accuracy, Versatility and Dependability

Ridgid #TP1300LS - 13" Thickness Planer

Ridgid 6 1/8" Stationary Jointer Planer
Solid machine, good price



See our Metalworking site - www.newmetalworker.com.


Miter & Sliding Miter Saws

Bosch 12" Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw
Sliding is out, Gliding is in!

Bosch 4410L - Laser-Equipped dual-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw
Lighting up a top contender

Bosch 4410 - 10" Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw
Super Accuracy - Super Features

Hitachi C 12RSH Sliding Compound Miter Saw
12" blade and true zero-clearance on the back side!

Porter Cable TwinLaserTM 10" Compound Miter Saw
#3700L - High-tech accuracy

Milwaukee 12" Dual-Bevel (Sliding) Compound Miter Saw
Accuracy and capacity in a tough, user-friendly package


Miter Saw Blades & Accessories

Bosch T4B Gravity Rise Miter Saw Stand
Easy Down, Easy Up and Easy to Store

Bosch GTA3800 Folding Leg Miter Saw Stand
Collapsible, stable and tough enough for the shop or job site

Bosch TracRacTM - #T3B Miter Saw Stand
Durable, versatile and wheels!



Delta #14-650X Mortising Machine
It appears that this machine is no longer available

Drill Press Mortising Attachment
The ugly truth

JET JBM-5 Benchtop Mortiser
Durable power for the home shop

JET JFRM-5 Hollow Chisel Mortiser
A true Cool Tool!

Powermatic 701 Benchtop Mortiser
Ultimate accuracy, durability and bang for the buck!

POWERMATIC 719T Hollow Chisel Mortiser
Power, durability, accuracy and angles!


Scroll Saws

Delta #SS350LS - 16"
It appears that this machine is no longer available.



| Router Accessories | Router Bits | Router Tables & Plates |
| Router Joinery Jigs |

Bosch 2.3HP Plunge/Fixed Base Router Kit
Updating one of the most popular routers of all time

Bosch 1613AEVS 2.25HP Plunge Router
Full time plunge router built the way you'd make it
Bosch Colt Palm Grip Installers Kit
Multiple bases, multiple functions = expanded utility
Bosch 1619EVS, 3 1/4Hp Plunge Router
Big power, innovative features
Bosch PR20EVSK, 1 Hp, Colt Palm-Grip Router

Bosch #1617, 2 1/4Hp Router Package

Bosch D-Handled Router #1618EVS

Craftsman 2 1/4HP, Variable Speed, Fixed Base Router
All the useable bells and whistles

Hitachi M12V2, 3 1/4Hp, Plunge Router
New features enhance the value of this favorite

Hitachi M12V - 3 1/4 HP Router

Marvel 40 3-in-1 Router Kit
Compact size, big versatility

Milwaukee #5625-20, 3 1/2Hp Fixed Base Router
Milwaukee #5615-21, 1 3/4Hp, BodyGrip Router Kit

Porter Cable #7518 - 3 1/4HP Router

Porter Cable #PC893, 2 1/4Hp Router Package

Porter Cable #693PK, 1 3/4Hp Router Combination

Ridgid R2900 2 1/4Hp, Fixed/Plunge Router Kit
Ridgid jumps into the router market with both engineering feet

Ridgid R2400 Heavy Duty Laminate Trimmer


Router Accessories

Accurate Guide
Perfect dados & sliding dovetails with a handheld router!

Beall Wood Threader Kit

Bosch #RA1125 Templet Kit

Centering Base Plate from Woodcraft
Bringing accuracy to your soon to be less frustrating shop!

Eliminator RC Quick Change Chuck
Fast changing, more access

Kreg Multi-Purpose Push Stick
The push handle done right!

Porter Cable #42690 Router Edge Guide

Rockler Rail Coping Jig
Designed right, made right, priced right!



Router Bits & Accessories


Router Tables & Lifts

Bosch RA1181 "Benchtop" Router Table
Full-sized features at benchtop prices

Bosch RA1171 Cabinet-Style Router Table
Pro features, shop friendly size & price

Bosch RA1165 Under-Table Mount
A simple solution

Kreg Precision Router Table
Solid, accurate and feature-laden!

Rockler FX Router Lift

Woodpeckers' Sidewinder Router Lift
Fine-tuning perfection from the outside

Woodpeckers Super Fence
Accuracy and function the easy way

Woodpecker's Inc. Quick-Lift

Woodpeckers Aluminum and Phenolic Router Plates
Stepping up the basics

Woodpeckers RT2643 Router Table Package
Solidly built, full-featured and a great value!

Woodpeckers Precision Router Lift Version 2!
The best just got better - and Faster!

Woodpeckers Precision Router Lift (PRL)
Tough, accurate, easy to use and priced right!

Woodpeckers UniLift
A new lift from the industry leader!


Router Joinery Jigs

Super-easy box joints for the mortal woodworker

Incra LS Positioner Super System
Proof-positive that accuracy and versatility need not be complicated

Kwik Set Box Joint Jig

Kreg Precision Beaded Face-Frame System
Classy looks the easy way

Leigh R9 PLUS Joinery System
Perfect dovetail and finger joints from a bargain-priced jig

Leigh M2 Multiple Mortise and Tenon Attachment
The very difficult just got very simple

Leigh F3 Finger Joint Template
Adding simple finger joint capability to your Leigh Dovetail Jig

Leigh 18" Super Jig
Big on features and value

Leigh Super FMT Jig
Frame, mortise and tenons plus economy

Leigh FMT (Frame, Mortise & Tenon) Jig
Mortise and Tenon Trickery the Leigh (Easy) Way

Leigh D4R 24" Dovetail Jig
(Includes their new dust collection system)

Leigh D4 Dovetail Jig
The best jig - the best instructions!

The LittleRat Dovetail & Joinery Machine

Mortise Pal
An easy, precise way to make loose tenon joinery

Rockler Dovetail Jig Combo
Easy to use, includes bits, two templates and guide bushing!



Sanding & Buffing

Beall Bowl Buffs
The easy way to an inside shine

Beall Wood Buff System

Bosch #1295D Random Orbital Sander

Bosch 1295DVS, Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander

Craftsman Oscillating Spindle Sander

Craftsman 1 Hp, 4X21" Belt Sander

Delta #31-460 Sanding Center - 4" belt & 6" disk
It appears that this machine is no longer available.

DeWalt 1/4-sheet Palm Sander

JET 22-44 Pro-3 Drum Sander
Unique capabilities in a well-made machine

JET 22-44OSC Oscillating Drum Sander
Oscillating makes it better yet!

JET Oscillating Spindle Sander (enclosed base)
Tough, Versatile and a Surprise Inside!

JET Oscillating Edge Sander
When belt sanders grow up

JET 16-32 Plus Drum Sander
High end features at "your shop" prices!

JET JSG-96 Disc/Belt Sander
Power, durability and pricing!

Ridgid #EB4423 Oscillating Edge-Belt/Spindle Sander
Big performance and value

Rockwell 5" Random Orbital Sander
Variable Speed and a built-in cyclone

Sharkee Sander
A nice improvement on an old idea

Skil #7500 3x18 Belt Sander
The right size and features



| Shaper Cutters |

JET JWS-25X, 3HP Shaper
Lots of features at a very good price

JET JWS-35X Industrial Shaper
It's big, it's heavy and it's nicely done!

Powermatic PM2700 5HP Shaper
Easily the best I have ever tried!


Shaper Cutters

Infinity Shaper Cutters
Infinity quality, just bigger


Table Saws

Bosch GTS1031 Compact Worksite Table Saw
Portable AND functional. Who would'a thunk it!

Bosch 4100DG-09 10" Worksite Table Saw
The best of class just got better!

Bosch 4000-09 Worksite Table Saw
This could be the answer for small shops!

Craftsman 10" Radial Arm Saw
There is still room for the venerable radial arm saw!

Delta Industrial Contractor-Style Table Saw #36-682
It appears that this machine is no longer available.

JET 10" Job Site Table Saw (w/Stand)
Portable, compact and useful!

JET Deluxe Xacta Saw
Updating a powerhouse

JET ProShop Saw
Hybrid done right!

JET #JWTS-10JF Contractor-Style Table Saw
10"-blade and lots of heart!

I had (most of) the rest, now I have the best

Ryobi BT3100 10" Table Saw
Lots of features at a tough to beat price

SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw
There is way more than the saftey here

SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw - Part 2
Bang! You’re not dead!


Table Saw Accessories

Bench Dog Blade-Loc - Safety

Bosch TS2000 Gravity-Rise(tm) Table Saw Stand
It's remarkable in how easy it works!

Digi-Fence System
Simple, effective, super accurate!

GRR-Ripper® System
Adjustable stability and safety

Grip-Tite Magnetic Featherboard System
Magnets are for more than the refrigerator art how

Super-easy box joints for the mortal woodworker

INCRA TS-LS Table Saw Fence System
Predictable precision, traditional INCRA quality

INCRA Miter Express Table Saw Sled (& more!)

JET Tenoning Jig
25LBS of nicely crafted cast iron for accuracy and safety

Kreg Multi-Purpose Push Stick
The push handle done right!

Leecraft Zero-Clearance Inserts
Simply the best and made in the USA!

POWERMATIC PM2000 Workbench Extension Table
A sneak peak of a coming accessory!

Rockler Universal Fence Clamps
A good idea done right

Rockler Mobile Base Kit

Safety in blade changing

SuperBar(TM) & MasterPlate(TM) Alignment Tools
Superior accuracy, ease of use and lots of SAFETY!

Saw-Aid - Push Device
Another wonder from Stots

Tenoning Jig
Knock Off

Woodpeckers Saw Gauge
High-end precision and it actually fits your miter slots!


Table Saw Blades

Bosch Professional Series Blades

Infinity Tools Saw Blades
|If it spins and cuts, these folks get it right

Infinity Tools 10" Super General Blade
New thinking in design and coating!

Infinity Tools Dado Caliper
Setting up stacked dado sets just got as easy as it should be!

Infinity Tools "Dadonator" Stacked 8" Dado Blade
This could very well be the best stacked dado available

Irwin “Marples” Saw Blades
Made in Italy, the land of great blades

Freud 8" SD608 Dial-A-Width Dado
Fast, precise accuracy

Pacific Saw Blades
New company, solid technology & value

Porter Cable Razor - 10" - 50-tooth Combination

SystiMatic 50-tooth - 10"- Combination
Great price and a long life

SystiMatic, #51821, 40-Tooth General Purpose Blade

Wobble Dado Sets
A last resort - maybe.


Miter Gauges

INCRA 1000HD Miter Gauge
Just when I thought it couldn't get better....

Incra V120 Miter Gauge
Budget-saving price with full-price precision

Incra Miter V27 Miter Gauge
Pro Quality at a Beginner Price

Incra Miter 1000SE
High-end accuracy at a great price

Osborne EB-2
Triangulation is the key

Osborne EB-3
Improving on a great idea



Eco-Heater Whole Room Heater
Shop heat on the cheap

Folding Shop Crane
The smart way to move/assemble machinery

Gorilla Tape!

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream
Yeah, it's for you guys also.

Sharp CV-P10MX Portable Shop Air Conditioner
9,500 BTU's of cool for your shop!


Wood Lathes

Delta 46-715 Iron Bed 14" Lathe
It appears that this machine is no longer available.

JET JWL-1442VSK Wood Lathe
Caution: The object of this review is bigger than it appears.

JET JWL-1642EVS & JWL-1642EVS-2 Lathe
Big shop features, small shop price

JET 1014I Mini Lathes
An old friend gets an update - and indexing!

JET JWL-1220 Mini Lathe
Is this really a mini? A Midi? A Disguised Full-Sized Lathe?

JET JWL-1014 Mini Lathe
Small package - big performance

JET JWL-1236 - 12"
A solid performer

Powermatic 3520B Lathe
It's big, tough, smooth and the best value I have seen!

Rockler’s Excelsior 5-Speed Mini Lathe
Economical, tough and fully capable



Lathe Accessories

Beall Spindle Taps
Make screw-on, special purpose wooden chucks!

Beall Treen Mandrel Kit
Making small hollow forms easy and vibrations free

Beall Wood Buff System

Carter Hollow Roller Vessel Turning System
No torque lets you focus on creativity

Oneway DrillWizard
Drilling holes on the lathe has never been easier

Oneway Live Center Kit
Beefy stability for your lathe


Lathe Chucks

Beall Collet Chuck Kit
Getting a grip on small projects

Oneway Stronghold Chuck
Compact power for the big jobs

Oneway Talon Scroll Chuck
Power, versatility and value! Updated 7-30-2012

Oneway Jumbo (Cole) Jaws
Getting to the bottom of the bowl!

Strong, durable and easy to use


Turning Chisels & Tools

Oneway Thread-Lok Ferrules
An elegant solution to a nagging problem

Oneway "Termite" End Grain Hollowing Tool
Cutting smooth surfaces in end grain has never been so easy!

Easy Wood Tools
Tough, USA-Made and VERY Easy to Use!

Sorby 1/2" Fingernail Bowl Gouge
A tough, easy to use value in tools!

Oneway Mastercut Bowl Gouges & Sure-Grip Handles
An effective combination!

Crown 5 Piece Turning Tool Set
A nice selection of tools you will use forever

Sorby Multi-Tip Shear Scraper


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