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Newest story -Candy Dish Projcect

How-To Basics

Building the NewWoodworker.com Mobile Clamp Rack

Choosing Table Saw (and Miter) Blades


General Basics Articles

Building a Basic Box
A core skill with lifelong implications

Building a Table Saw
Get it right now when it is way easier!

Clamping Pressure
OK! You're strong. Now get smart and lighten up on the clamps!

Finger Eye View
Its just as dumb as some of the other "never happen" stories out there....

I do VERY dumb stuff so you can see it happen!

Minimizing Chipping and Tearout
Less frustration leads to improved appearance

Mystery Markings on Tape Measures
No, it's not a plan to confuse us - maybe

What it is and what it ain' t

Reading Grain
Proper feed direction is important

Refurbishing Cast Iron Tables
Combating the results of everyday use

Repairing Threads
From our sister site, www.newmetalworker.com

Using a Grinder
What you don't know - or don't care about - can hurt you!
(On our sister site - www.newmetalworker.com)

Squaring Stock
Straight wood make woodworking more fun.



Bridle Joints
It's easier to be stylish than you think

Butt & Rabbet Joints
A simple joint that's not so simple to make right

Cutting Stopped Dados
It really is easier than you think

Half-Lap Joints
Very Simple, Very Tough

How To Cut Dados
There is more than one right way

Haunched Tenons
It really isn't magic

Joint Preparation
Great joints are not an accident

Tongue & Groove Joints
A versatile, easy-to-make old friend



Resawing Basics
A little patience and practice yield great results!



Water + Stone Grinding Wheel + Freezing Temperatures
A lone, non-hysterical email got me thinking...

"Winterizing" Wet Grinding Stone Wheels
The antifreeze mystery is less mysterious



Jointer Basics
Setup - Alignment - Use

My Jointer Cuts Tapers
Sure it does, but it's not busted

Jointer Problems, Causes & Fixes
Straightening the frustrations of a "simple" machine!

Should I Buy a Jointer or Planer First?
Yes, there is an answer!



Centering Router Guide Bushings
Bringing accuracy to your soon to be less frustrating shop!

Using a Router Table Starting Pin
Simple safety


Table Saw

One Cut Miter Gauge Test
A fast way to square your miter gauge

5 Cut Table Saw Sled Fence Test
Easy but Very Accurate!

Installing a Zero-Clearance Insert
It's easy to do it right - and safe!

Using Gauge Blocks
Safety and repeatable accuracy

Setting Up Factory Blade Guard Systems
No, they aren't automatically useless!

Table Saw Basics - Part 1 - Alignment & Setup
Setting your saw up correctly and then keeping it aligned makes it safer and more accurate

Table Saw Basics - Part 2 - Safety & Use
Learning to use your saw safely is easy. Remembering to use those lessons 15 years down the road is the problem...

Where to Stand at the Table Saw
Are you avoiding the wood or using the blade guard?


Video Tutor Series

Building an Office Shelf/Storage Unit
The basics are critical for lots of projects

Candy Dish
Simple, inexpensive to turn but a very nice gift

Mini Lathe Cart Project
Build it as fancy as you like

Panel-Cutting Sled
Easy-building project for safety and accuracy

Sacrificial Fence Project
An easy project to extend your table saw’s usefulness

Squaring a Miter Gauge Correctly
There are two common methods but only one is truly correct

Yarn Bowl Project
A simple but useful project for the mini lathe

Video Tutor Announcement


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