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The Video Tutor series should be both fun and educational. It is fun for me to produce them as well!
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NewWoodworker.com “Video Tutor” Project Series

Videos, shot, written and produced by Tom Hintz

Posted – 4-20-2012

When I asked for input from the NewWoodworker.com viewership regarding the kind of content you wanted me to present the message was very clear – video. I have been watching the NewWoodworker.com web site traffic statistics closely and the proportion of viewers with high- capacity Internet connections has reached majority levels. That makes expanded use of video, including somewhat longer videos doable for the majority of viewers.

Within that mass of video-specific suggestions was a markedly common theme – project-based How-To videos. Within that genre the suggestions covered the full range of what woodworkers build so the potential subject list for the Video Tutor series is essentially limitless.

I have labeled the videos in NewWoodworker.com How-To stories “Video Tutor” so decided to just expand the use of that moniker for this series. Of course the Video Tutor videos will generally be longer than what I have been presenting. However, I will continue the concept of information-heavy and fast-paced video because I refuse to employ repetitive sequences some others still use to increase runtime without increasing the educational content.

As you read this announcement the first Video Tutor pieces are in production and will begin appearing under the Video Tutor heading in the Basics directory shortly. As always, your thoughts and input are welcomed so shoot me an email anytime with your ideas or concerns. The whole idea behind this series is for it to be beneficial to the NewWoodworker.com viewership.

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