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This is one point that has been very hard to make but hopefully the video will clear this up once and for all. I suspect that many of the detractors of this concept actually know it works but can't get themselves to admit it in public.
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Squaring a Miter Gauge Correctly

Two easy methods with only one being right

Text, photo and video by Tom Hintz

Posted – 4-26-2012

This episode of the Video Tutor looks at the surprisingly controversial subject of squaring a miter gauge to make square cross cuts. One method is very simple and oddly is supported by some manufacturers and lots of self-appointed forum experts. The other method is also easy but it is right and I can show you why.

Keep in mind that the "good" procedure applies whether you have a factory-supplied miter gauge or one of the quality aftermarket pieces. We should check the miter gauge setting before using a new piece and every once in a while thereafter. I will often check my aftermarket INCRA 1000SE before starting a project just to be sure. In like 6 years of use I have not found it to have gone out of alignment but I check anyway because it is fast and insures that I don’t waste potentially expensive project wood.

Video Tutor

I should note that the procedure shown in this Video Tutor isn’t something I came up with to bait the internet forum experts, it came from the engineers that design and build miter gauges. After seeing how it works you also will wonder why anyone would do it any other way!

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