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This is a simple, economical project that makes a very nice gift.
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Candy Dish

Simple, quick but a nice gift

text, photo and video by Tom Hintz

Posted - 9-8-2012

This Candy Dish project is great for the beginner as well as veteran wood turner. It is easy to do, doesn't require lots of expensive wood not a bunch of fancy tools or a lot of time. You can use up some of your scrap wood in the shop making the handle contrasting as I have or matching, whatever you feel is right.

I did much of the turning in this Video Tutor with a round cutter from Easy Wood Tools to show that you need not have a drawer full of chisels of other fancy tools to make a Candy Dish. I basically used a large scraper for rough work, the round cutter Easy Wood Tools for most of the remaining work and a little with my 3/8" spindle gouge. That's all of the tools I used!

The Candy Dish in this video was made from a 2-1/4"-thick piece of Ambrosia Maple but with the deep angle on the sides it appears much taller than that. Ambrosia Maple is a fairly easy wood to work with but you can turn your Candy Dish out of whatever wood you like. I buffed the dish itself and used guitar lacquer on the handle on the piece in the video but you can use any food-safe finish you like. I like using my Beall Wood Buff outfit because it leaves nothing more than a little Carnauba wax behind and that is not going to hurt anyone.

Video Tutor

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