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The Sacrificial Fence is easy to build and just as easy to modify for special needs!
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Sacrificial Fence Project

An easy project to extend your table saw’s usefulness

Text, photo and video by Tom Hintz

Posted – 4-24-2012

This Sacrificial Fence was originally designed to make using a stacked dado set for cutting rabbets on the table saw easier and safer. By creating a cavity in which to “bury” some of the stacked dado set width you could cut very accurate rabbets without damaging your fence or dado set. This also lets you focus on sliding the wood along a single smooth surface which can be much safer as well.

The Sacrificial Fence can often be built from sufficiently long scraps of wood. The Video Tutor shows how to fit this project to your saw using the fence clamps that are available from just about any woodworking supply outlet in one style or another. They all work essentially the same and make building this Sacrificial Fence easy.

Video Tutor

Some like to build more than one Sacrificial Fence so they can use different height faces for specialty jobs. I have built Sacrificial Fences with a 12”-tall face so I could clamp featherboards to it. People also build special faces for cutting raised panels on the table saw. The basic construction shown in the Video Tutor is used for nearly all of the known variations. As always when you alter a project you have to be sure that it is capable of doing what you want safely.

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