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All are commonly used bit profiles with no "duds" ioncluded!
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Infinity's 7-Piece Professional Router Bit Set

Big capabilities and bigger value

Text & Photos by Tom Hintz

Posted - 9-10-2009

Infinity Cutting Tools offers 7 of their high-quality router bits in a set that will certainly be attractive to veteran woodworkers but has special appeal for those starting their bit collection. The 7-Piece Professional Set (#00-113) includes a range of profiles and size capabilities that cover an exceptional range of needs in the woodworking shop.

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All of the bits in this 7-Piece Professional Set feature ½"-shanks, Infinity's high-end carbide cutters to insure top-quality results and a long, useful life.

Rabbet Set

One of the most frequent routing operations in any shop is rabbeting. To handle these tasks, Infinity's #00-555, ½"-shank Rabbet Combo Kit leads off this set with lots of versatility.

The rabbeting bit itself is 1 3/8"-diameter with 1/2 "-tall cutters. To accurately control rabbet size, a 6-piece bearing set (#00-555) is included with 3/8", ½", 5/8", ¾", 7/8", 1 1/8" and 1 3/8"-diameter bearings. Setting the rabbet size has never been easier or more accurate. The 1 3/8"-diameter bearing actually converts the rabbet bit into a flush-trim tool!

Flush Trim Bit (top right)

A ½"-diameter flush trim bit (#06-627) with an end-mounted bearing and 1"- tall cutters makes trimming laminates a snap. The heavy ½" shank and body construction mean this bit can also be used for medium duty pattern work as well.

While the ½"-diameter flush trim bit is often used in a router table, it's size allows safe use in a hand-held router as well for trimming laminates and even light pattern work.

Pattern Bit (bottom right)

For full-on pattern and template work, Infinity includes their Super Duty #12-690B, ¾"-diameter top-bearing bit that features 1 ½"-long cutters (downshear) and a ¾"-diameter bearing.

This very strong bit is designed to provide clean, accurate cuts following top-mounted patterns at the router table. For producing one or dozens of identical parts from a pattern, this bit will handle the job with ease.

Chamfer Bit (top right)

At 1 5/8"-diameter, the #36-920 chamfer bit appears large but it's 45-degree angled cutters and bearing guide make it exceptionally versatile. Tiny edge-breaking chamfers can be cut just as easily as deep, heavy decorative edge treatments on large-scale projects.

The 9/16" cutter height mean this bit can also be used to miter corners on a wide range of indoor and outdoor projects.

Cove Bit (bottom right)

The 1 ½"-diameter, 5/8"-tall cove bit (#37-850) has many uses in the average shop from edge decoration to making custom moldings for projects or even the home. Once you start using a cove bit, the imagination is the only limiting factor. Many projects from table legs to trim pieces can benefit from a cove along one or more edges.

The top-bearing make consistent cuts easy at the router table. It also makes multiple increasing-depth cuts simple to do safely and with absolute consistency.

Roundover Bits – 3/8" & 1/2"-radius

The 3/8"-radius (#38-817) and ½"-radius (#38-880) roundovers will be two of the most-used bits in your set. These traditional cutter profiles can soften edges with a light, rounding cut or can be used for hard decoration, carving a clean shadow line that gives a professional, finished look to just about any project.

The guide bearing allows using these bits at any depth to produce consistent cuts regardless of length. The guide bearing remains effective throughout the useable height of the bit on nearly all stock thicknesses.

Plus, the 1/2"-radius bit can be used in conjunction with the cove bit to produce a Rule Joint that is popular in tables with folding leaves.

In The Shop

The selection of bit profiles in this Infinity 7-Piece Professional Set is the best I have seen, especially for those starting a bit collection for the home woodworking shop. All of the profiles have multiple uses and ranges of cutting capacity that insure frequent use.

All of the 7-Piece Professional Set bits have ½"-diameter shanks for maximum rigidity and full bodies, designed to help prevent kickback. The finely shaped and sharpened high-end carbide cutters Infinity has become known for mean these bits will cut cleanly for a long time. In addition, a well-designed, sharp bit is much safer to use.

Since nearly all modern router kits that are popular with woodworkers include both ¼" and ½"-collets, the new woodworker can purchase this 7-Piece Professional Set with confidence and the knowledge existing ¼"-shanked bits will not go to waste.

Video Tour

With a street price of only $149.90 (7-30-2005) the Infinity 7-Piece Professional Bit Set, #00-113, is an exceptional value in the woodworking market. All of the bits are top quality with wide-ranging capabilities that extend the value of this set immensely. Unlike many sets, the Infinity 7-Piece Professional Set does not include one or two useless bits.

If you are beginning a router bit set, or need to add to an existing one, the Infinity 7-piece Professional Bit Set should be at the top of your list, and probably alone there.

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