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If you want to see and learn how some of the most stunning turned projects are made, this book is for you!
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Woodturning Wizardry

Revised Edition

By David Springett

Fox Chapel Publishing

187 pages – List price - $27.95

Though obviously not a beginners book, Woodturning Wizardry is a valuable resource for anyone that aspires to advance his or her turning skills. Author David Springett shows how to do some of the most spectacular turning you will ever see, and presents the material in more detail than I can recall seeing before.

How-to's on making jigs and fixtures are featured throughout this book.
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The photos of absolutely astounding turnings is worth the price of this book but Springett goes much further by showing how to make the fixtures and chucks used to make these spectacular objects. He also provides detailed how-to information on the often-mysterious processes used to turn seemingly unturnable shapes and patterns.

Woodturning Wizardry begins with chapters on woods, making chucks and jigs and even how to make the special tools needed for some processes. These chapters are followed by the best explanation I have seen on turning spheres, a project many aspiring turners try and few perfect. Springett helps the reader understand this bit of woodturning trickery.

The bulk of Woodturning Wizardry is devoted to explanations of how 14 spectacular projects are made. Everything from an arrow through a bottle to highly complex multi-axis lattice patterns and interlocking spheres is covered. Details on the techniques and fixtures used are included, frequently supported with high-quality photographs that are often as intriguing as they are informative.

If you want to expand your repertoire beyond what many consider the normal limits of the woodturning lathe, Woodturning Wizardry will be entertaining and educational. The step-by-step information provided can make those long winter afternoons in the shop more enjoyable and productive than you might have thought possible.

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