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This is a very nice set of my woodworking needs. The things in the lower-left compartment are mine that now stay with this set.
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Drill Set / Accessories


Text & photos by Tom Hintz

   I was growing tired of trying to find the drill, countersink or whatever I needed in the mass of little drill boxes and my drill-drawer. The plastic drill boxes break apart, the metal boxes are worthless and the drawer is impossible to find things in, if they are actually there for some reason. Then, when I did find the right bit, it might not fit in the quick-release chuck that was currently installed in the drill. During a recent shopping spree at Sears, I solved that problem forever.
   Sears has a variety of drill sets that come with a varying assortment of attachments. The set I purchased has everything I need, and a little more, all in one very nice case. Included are a few spade bits, various screwdriver bits in different sizes and lengths, several socket driver bits and very nice quick-release chucks that hold everything in the box.
   One of the chucks is set up for a combination drill/countersink that can be turned around to use the Phillips bit on the other end. Very handy when doing the screwing part of a glue and screw installation.
   Both chucks have a common sense movement for releasing and locking the bits in place. Slide the collar back locks the bit, slide it forward releases it. Maybe this is too logical for public consumption.
   You might be able to buy all these pieces cheaper at the discount houses, but to me, the quality and convenience are well worth the price.

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