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The FinishProTM kit is small and lightweight but brings the capabilities you need for light fastening work in the home woodshop.
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Senco Brad FinishProTM 18 Nailer - PC1010 Compressor Kit

Text & Photos by Tom Hintz

   Brad nailers have become a common and useful tool in the home woodworking shop. Whether installing small pieces or securing larger parts while adhesives cure, the brad nailer can make many tasks easier, or a two-person job manageable by the lone woodworker.
   The nailer/compressor kit in this review, manufactured by Senco Products based in Cincinnati, OH, is designed for the home shop in terms of size and range of fasteners that can be used. Though compact in size, the FinishProTM 18 kit does not lack capability.

The Kit

   Included in the kit is the FinishProTM 18 nail gun, a PC1010 compressor, a sample assortment of 18 Ga. brads, 25-foot-long coiled hose, tool oil, manuals and safety glasses. For the new woodworker, buying a kit like this eliminates having to decipher individual specifications to put together a compatible system.
   The compressor, gun and hose are designed to work together and come from the box with the necessary fittings already installed. All the user needs to do is unpack the box and read the instructions/safety information before plugging it in and going to work.

PC1010 Compressor

The compressor features adjustable line-pressure, gauges for tank and line pressure and nicely formed copper tubing where some us plastic.
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   At 14"-long and 12 ½"-wide the PC1010 is compatible in the smallest of shops. Its 1 HP oil-less motor and 1-gallon tank more than meets the needs of the FinishProTM 18 nail gun. A built-in cushioned carrying handle makes it easy to take the compressor to the job, not the other way around. The motor draws a paltry 4 amps so it can be plugged into any 115V household outlet without fear of scaring the circuit breaker into submission.
   The PC1010 comes fully plumbed, including a quick release fitting for the included coil hose that also is completely assembled with the proper fittings factory installed. Where some manufacturers use high-pressure plastic lines, the PC1010 has cleanly formed copper tubing terminated with compression fittings throughout.
   Twin pressure gauges, one indicating tank pressure and the other line pressure being delivered to the hose keep you informed. Line pressure is adjustable through a self-bleeding regulator that shows the new pressure without having to bleed air from the hose.
   To maintain adequate pressure during use, an automatic switch turns the compressor on when tank pressure drops to 90 PSI and then shuts it off when the pressure recovers to 120 PSI.
   A pre-set safety relief valve prevents over-pressurizing the tank and a manual valve allows draining the tank to evacuate damaging condensation.

FinishProTM 18 Nail Gun

(Top) The depth to which the brad heads are sunk is controlled at the trigger with this wheel.
(Bottom) A no-mar tip covers the guns nose to prevent scratching finishes and the wood itself.
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   Capable of driving 18 gauge brads from 5/8" to 2" in length, this nailer is right for a large range of smaller woodshop tasks. While the FinishProTM 18 has no trouble driving brads through hardwood, the adjustable trigger lets the operator control the depth to which the head is set below the surface of the wood.
   The large capacity magazine makes loading brads fast and easy. An automatic visual indicator warns when the supply of brads is about to be exhausted. No magazine adjustments are necessary when changing from one size of brad to another.
   The body of the FinishProTM 18 features an applied foam grip that is exceptionally soft and comfortable. Because the grip is a tape, it can be replaced if necessary.
   At the rear of the handle is the air inlet and fixed port that blows exhaust behind the operator.
   A no-mar tip covers the safety nose to prevent scratching of the wood during fastener installation. The safety tip must be depressed to drive a fastener. There is no provision for converting the single-fire mechanism to bump-fire.

In the Shop

Even when shooting brads in very quick succession, the FinishProTM performed flawlessly and sunk the brads evenly.
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   The FinishProTM 18 gun feels well balanced and comfortable in the hand. The safety plunger and trigger both have a positive feel. Operating the trigger requires just enough pressure to give the operator a feel for what is happening, reducing the chance of accidental discharge.
   Throughout our testing, the PC1010 compressor had no trouble maintaining the necessary pressure to the gun even when several fasteners were driven in rapid succession. Actual run time for the compressor to recharge the tank was about 30 seconds in most cases.
   I tried shooting brads in both hard and soft woods to see how the FinishProTM acted. Even alternating between the soft and hard woods, the FinishProTM drove the brads fully and sunk the heads consistently. Firing a string of 12 brads in rapid succession produced no jams and the depth remained constant.

A fixed exhaust directs air to the rear. The belt loop turned out to be very handy!
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   The belt hook on the FinishProTM 18 gun is very handy, allowing the user to quickly hang the gun on a belt to use both hands to position the workpiece, then retrieve the gun to fasten it.
   At 20 lbs, the PC1010 compressor is easy to carry from one task to another. Its rubber feet isolate the pumping vibration very well, keeping the noise in the shop and that transmitted through the floor to a minimum.


   The Senco FinishProTM 18 Brad Nailer Kit is a solid performer; sized to handle the light fastener needs of the average home woodworking shop. The compact size of the PC1010 compressor makes it easy to store when not in use. The gun and compressor are well-built, easy to use and should provide years of service with minimal maintenance.
   If you need a brad nailer and compressor, the Senco FinishProTM 18 Kit deserves consideration.

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