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It's small but useful in the shop and around the home. It also comes in a very cool can that could be used for shop cookies.
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Skil iXO Palm Size Screwdriver

Compact versatility for the home and shop

Text & Photos by Tom Hintz

OK. The Skil iXO Palm Size screwdriver (#2336) isn't going to replace your full-sized cordless drill driver. It can't handle a spade bit and it won't drive a lag bolt. However, the Skil iXO will save the day when you need to drive a screw in a small space. It also affords another option when a family member needs to borrow a screwdriver for one of those in-house jobs that would infringe on your shop time.

Initial Impressions

As the name suggests, the Skil iXO does fit the hand nicely which makes it easy to use when installing small screws.
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The Skil iXO Palm Size Screwdriver really is palm sized. It is a no-frills cordless drill in most respects but does have the advantage of the new Lithium-ion battery technology. It also comes in a nifty steel can that would make a great shop-only cookie can.

In addition to the charger, the is kit includes a 34 pc bit set that handles everything from slotted and Phillips screws to a range of Allen Torx-style fasteners.


The Skil iXO is operated by a large finger-operated trigger. There is no variable speed but none is needed when doing the type of work for which this driver was designed. The no-load speed of 200 rpm is easy to control. A pair of lights near the rear of the Skil iXO glow green when forward is selected and red when in reverse.

The trigger is an on/off switch but at 200 rpm (no load) variable speed isn't needed. the push-through slider control forward and reverse.
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The internal Lithium-ion battery (3.6 V) charges in about 3 hours but maintains that charge for up to 18 months! That is especially handy in a driver that will see occasional use. Another nice feature of Lithium-ion batteries is they do not develop "memory" and can be recharged at any time.

While there is no adjustable chuck, the Skil iXO features a ¼" hex socket that accepts that very common type of bit. A short extension is included but all of the bits that come with it and those you already have in this configuration click right into the Skil iXO for close-quarters work.

In the Shop

The included charger refreshes the battery in 3 hours but it holds that charge for 18 months!
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While the Skil iXO lacks the brute power of our 14.4 V and 18 V drill drivers, it does drive wood screws well. The shape and size of the handle make using the Skil iXO, even in cramped quarters comfortable and easy to control.

The second day the Skil iXO was in my shop I ran into a screw driving job in a space that would not allow use of my 14.4 V driver. The Skil iXO fit easily and saved me from having to use a hand tool in a space that would not make that much fun either.

The Skil iXO palm Size screwdriver has sufficient power for driving wood screws in the sub 2" range easily. Over the course of a week, I kept the Skil iXO on the bench and used it for all of my screw driving needs without returning it to its charger. It handled them all with ease and the battery power held up well. The last day power suddenly dropped off, signaling depletion of the battery.


I found the Skil iXO useful more often than I thought, particularly when working in small spaces.
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While the Skil iXO Palm Size Screwdriver certainly is not a replacement for our high-powered drill drivers, it is handy to have around. It's small size, 10 oz weight and sufficient power for driving common wood screws can save the day when working in confined spaces. It also makes installing small screws easier.

With a street price of $39.99 (2-27-2006) the Skil iXO #2336-01 Palm Size Screwdriver is an affordable addition to the shop that you won't be afraid to "load out" for household use.

Also, when you are alone in the shop, you can go ahead and us the Skil iXO for normal screw driving jobs just because it is fun.

Visit the Skil web site- Click Here

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