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Though necessarily large, the Delta 50-760 Dust Collector is easy to move around and fit easily in my garage-based shop.
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Delta 1 ½ H.P. Industrial Dust Collector #50-760

Dependable, high-powered and 1-micron filtering

Text & Photos by Tom Hintz

   The surest way to spend too much money is by "saving" on equipment that is inadequate for the job. Despite a growing awareness about dust-related health issues, NewWoodworker.com continues to hear from woodworkers who purchased a bargain-priced dust collector only to find it lacked air moving power and did a poor job of filtering what it did collect. Unfortunately, the only way to correct that mistake is to try selling the "bargain" machine and buy a dust collector with the capabilities to meet their needs.

   Delta's new 50-760, 1 ½ HP Dust Collector has the power to handle current and future shop demands and the filtering efficiency your lungs need. In addition, it can save the cost of that "bargain" machine to boot.

Initial Impressions

   At 83"-tall, the Delta 50-760 appears larger than expected but its actual footprint is surprisingly small at 35"-long by 19"-deep. The overall size is dictated by the physics of moving 1200 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) of air and filtering particles down to 1 micron in size. The filtering element has to be large enough to exhaust as much air as is being taken in or internal pressure rises and flow decreases dramatically.

   Fit and finish of the components and quality of the materials are all first rate right down to the heavy-duty casters that make the Delta 50-760 truly mobile.

The main housing can be installed with the inlets up or down to best fit your shop layout.
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   Overall, the Delta 50-760 appears to be a very durable machine, designed to function reliably for many years to come.

Assembly and Instructions

   The all-English instruction manual is well written and illustrated with clear photos and line drawings. The sequence of assembly as prescribed in the instructions works well and produces no major problems along the way.

   All of the parts fit together cleanly and required no "persuasion" to seat properly. The motor and blower housing are pre-assembled, keeping assembly time from opening the box to using the Delta 50-760 to about 30 minutes.

   The blower housing of the Delta 50-760 can be installed with the two outlet Y port on top for shops with permanent dust tubing systems or down for connecting directly to machines. This design feature can have a huge impact in terms of saving space and the amount of tubing needed to service your shop layout. A pair of rubber plugs are supplied that attach to the Y-connector with integral lanyards to seal an unused port.

Assembly Tips

The chip bag is large and can be held in place with a snap ring or metal buckle band.
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   The bottom and top sections of the cart are assembled with the unit upside down and then turned over onto the wheels. A strip of masking tape across those joints will prevent them from popping apart while turning the assembly upright. Once upright, the tape can be removed.

   The 6 mil-thick plastic chip bags (two are included) can be installed using a snap ring folded into the top of the bag or a metal, flip-buckle strap. Both are included with the Delta 50-760.

   I chose the metal strap to secure the chip bags. Getting the bag and strap in position on the flange at the same time can be a little frustrating for one person. However, with a few pieces of double-sided tape applied to the mounting flange, I was able to stick the bag in position and use both hands to easily install the metal strap.

Long-Term Power

The 1 1/2 hp motor is large, heavily finned for cooling and sealed against dust. It comes wired for 110V but can be converted to 220V operation.
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   The Delta 50-760 is powered by a 1 ½ HP TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) induction motor that comes wired for 110 V but can be converted to 220 V operation. Heavy cooling fins around the motor case, along with the integral fan keep motor temperatures under control during extended operation. The motor is also sealed to resist dust infiltration.

   The motor spins the 11.5"-diameter impeller at a constant 3450 RPM to create the 1200 CFM maximum air flow.

1 Micron Filtering

   The Delta 50-760 has few equals in its ability to reduce airborne dust in the shop. The specially designed filter bag captures particles down to 1 micron, which means virtually nothing but air is vented back into the shop.

   To insure this level of filtering without restricting air flow the filter bag has a whopping 20.5 square feet of surface area. Another reason the filter bag is so large is that there is no air venting through the chip bag. Exhausting through the filter bag only means there is no reduction in performance as the collection bag fills with dust.

In The Shop

The large filter bag traps particles down to 1 micron in size while exhausting plenty of air to maintain a very strong flow.
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The Delta 50-760 dust collector proved to be a workhorse in the shop, handling whatever machine was attached to it with no signs of plugging up or slowing down. I even tried "testing" its capacity by connecting a DeWalt 735 surface planer and Delta jointer, one to each port and operating both at the same time. The Delta 50-760 did not seem to mind at all. Both machines were cleared of dust and chips better than when connected individually to my previous, marginally powered (yes cheaper, but only slightly) dust collector.


   Though rated at 88 decibels, the Delta 50-760 seems quieter than that in operation. There is no screaming, screeching or neighbors coming over to see if I actually have a jet fighter in the shop. The sound it does create is not obnoxious and can be talked over. Not bad when you consider the volume of air rushing through it.


   The small footprint and smooth-rolling casters make the Delta 50-760 easy to move around the shop for connecting directly to machines. However, it has plenty of power to work efficiently through a longer hose (I often use 15-feet of 4"-diameter hose) or a permanent ducting system.

The Delta 50-760 handled any machine I connected to it easily, and the shop stayed far cleaner than with any collector I have tried.
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   In addition to its power and efficiency, the 2.4 cubic foot chip bag capacity makes the Delta 50-760 even more user friendly. Fabric chip bags had to be emptied when only partially full or airflow and efficiency suffered. The Delta 50-760 has no such problems. Being able to see the level of dust in the chip bag means you empty it only when it gets full, not when the machine loses power.

   Since the Delta 50-760 was installed in my shop the dust collection efficiency at all tools connected to it improved dramatically. The amount of dust that normally escaped capture with the old dust collector dropped to almost nothing when connected to the Delta 50-760. Even the dust system on the band saw shows signs of actually working!

   Perhaps most dramatic is the reduction of dust buildup on flat surfaces throughout the shop. The Delta 50-760's 1 micron filtering is trapping nearly all of the dust, keeping the tools and air in my shop far cleaner than previous dust collection systems.

   For those using chips created in the shop for mulch, the Delta 50-760 has a bonus feature. While cleaning the area around my lathe of the long stringy debris generated by turning a bowl I noticed that they were appearing in the chip bag in much smaller pieces. Apparently, the ride through the impeller is breaking up the long pieces, making them more useable in the garden and mulch pile.



The Delta 50-760 is a highly efficient dust collector, capable of handling the always-expanding demands of home woodworking shops. In addition to the 1200 CFM flow capacity, the 1-micron filtering means the shop stays much cleaner, making it a healthier place to work. The high quality materials and construction mean the street price of about $300 (1-12-2005) will be a long-term investment.            

   If you work with wood, you need an effective dust collector. There is no question about that. If value, effectiveness and durability are important, the Delta 50-760 dust collector should be at the top of your list, especially if you'd like to skip the added expense of buying an inadequate "bargain" machine first.

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