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The Milwaukee jigsaw kit comes with everything you need to get to work in the shop or at the job site.
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Milwaukee #6266-22, Top Handle Orbital JigSaw

Power, accuracy and traditional durability

Text & Photos by Tom Hintz

   Not so long ago, jigsaws were a reasonably effective, portable compromise between scroll and bandsaws. The technology behind these tools has progressed to include features and capabilities that make them an essential part of the woodworking shop.

Initial Impressions

   The Milwaukee #6266-22 jigsaw appears nicely designed and built with Milwaukee's traditional no-

(Top) The 6.2 amp motor is very strong but compact.
(Bottom) The oversized trigger (can be locked "On") and speed control dial are easy to reach.
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nonsense approach to function and durability. The individual parts and their assembly are first rate as is the layout and design of the controls. It is obvious that Milwaukee intended the #6266-22 to be easily used in the shop or on the job site and dependable wherever you take it.

Controlling the Power

   Built around a powerful 6.2 amp motor, the #6266-22 features a dial-operated electronic speed control, located within easy finger reach of the handle. Numerals 1 through 7 mark the major speed divisions but the dial is infinitely adjustable allowing the operator to fine tune blade speed within the 500 to 3000 SPM (strokes per minute) range to best fit the situation.
   An oversized trigger activates a simple On/Off switch that leaves speed control to the dial, which can be adjusted with the saw operating, or not. A button above the trigger locks it in the "On" position to reduce hand fatigue during long cuts. The speed control dial and lock-on button are accessible on the left side of the saw only.

Blade Changing

Milwaukee's Quik-Lok blade changing system is cleverly designed and works well.
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   The #6266-22 features Milwaukee's Quik-Lok blade changing system that uses the popular T-style blades. Hold the front-mounted slider button to the right and blades can be slipped into the plunger. Release the slider and the blade is automatically locked in position. To remove the blade, push the slider to the right and the blade is released.
   A very nice feature of the Milwaukee Quik-Lok system is that when the slider is pushed to the right, the plunge rod moves forward just enough for the blade to clear the guide roller. This makes inserting or removing the blade very easy. Release the slider and the blade moves back into the guide roller groove. Very trick.

Blade and Blower Control

   A 4-position (0 through 3) lever controls the blade orbiting action. Being able to control the orbiting action is essential on a saw designed for cutting wood, metal and plastic. Jigsaws cut on the upstroke and the orbiting action moves the blade towards the rear, away from the stock on the down stroke. This allows the saw to run a little faster on less power plus keeps the blade a little cooler. A chart in the instruction manual provides general orbital settings for wood (3), metal (0), plastic (2) and for ultra-smooth finish cuts (0). Being able to vary the orbital action can make a big difference in the quality of cut, especially when working with veneer plywood.
   A blower system taps into the motors cooling fan to help keep the cut line clear of dust. The strength of the blower is adjusted by a dial-operated control on the right side of the saw.

Tilt Base and Dust Control

An oversized lever allows adjusting the tilting shoe easily without tools.
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   Another nice feature of the #6266-22 is a tool-free adjustable base. An over sized lever under the motor frees or locks the base anywhere between square with the blade to 45-degrees to the right or left. Preset notches at 15, 30 and 45-degrees to each side of zero make setting the saw quick and positive.
   The shoe can also be located forward or backwards to allow cutting closer to vertical obstructions.
   The base is designed with an internal passage (manifold) that works with an accessory dust hose/connector (#48-09-1040) to evacuate dust to a shop vac or dust collection system. A snap-in, clear plastic shield encloses the front of the shoe area to increase the effectiveness of the optional dust hose/connector.
   A snap-on shoe cover comes with the #6266-22 and prevents marring of delicate surfaces.
   To reduce splintering of fragile woods, a special insert can be installed in the no-mar shoe or the base itself. The insert snaps in place with no tools required.

In the Shop

The top strap handle is big enough for control but shaped well for comfort.
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   The Milwaukee #6266-22 feels very comfortable in the hand, well balanced and easy to control. The top-strap handle is substantial but shaped to fit the hand comfortably. At 5.3 lbs., the #6266-22 is not a hard tool to use for extended periods of time.
   All of the controls are easy to reach and large enough to operate even with gloves on.
   The motor and blade driving system are very well balanced and produce no significant vibration. The blade stroke remains smooth at all operating speeds, another indicator of a quality drive system.
   The #6266-22 handled all cutting jobs we could think of easily, never lacking power or adjustment range to produce very clean cuts.

The Milwaukee #6266-22 jigsaw handles very well for accuracy and had more than enough power for any job we could think of. This is a solid, well-built tool.
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   The blade guide system is very effective in controlling deflections. If the operator can refrain from applying side pressure to the blade while making a cut, the #6266-22 keeps the blade tracking perfectly.
   Blade changing is fast and simple with Milwaukee's Quik-Lok system. Despite extensive use in the shop, we never had a blade to hang up in the plunger. Push the slider to the side and the old blade falls out. The new blade goes in just as easily.
   The anti-splinter insert is very effective and easy to install in either the snap-on no-mar cover or the shoe itself.


   The Milwaukee #6266-22 is an accurate, quality tool that is built to last, something Milwaukee is confident of, evidenced by the 5-year warrantee covering it. A full range of features and capabilities mean the #6266-22 can handle all of your wood shop needs with ease.
   With a street price of $132.99 (6-21-2005), the Milwaukee #6266-22 is a very good value in woodworking tools. In addition to a full range of capabilities, Milwaukee's traditional durability means that with common sense care, that value extends well into the future.

See other Milwaukee tools at www.milwaukeetools.com.

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