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This is a how-to book that you can take right to the lathe!
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Learn To Turn

By Barry Gross

113 pages, paperback

Fox Chapel Publishing

With the renewed popularity of woodturning, Learn To Turn arrives on the scene at a most appropriate time.

In Learn to Turn, Gross takes the novice turner through the entire process in a logical and safe progression. Starting with the basics of safety, Gross presents detailed information on the tools, machines, supplies and techniques turners must understand before putting tools to wood. The basics of each topic are discussed in understandable language and well illustrated with many top-notch photographs.

Gross walks the new turner through the process of getting the machine and material ready for mounting on the lathe. He follows that with basic tool exercises that help develop primary techniques.

The last portion of the book is devoted to showing the reader how to apply those techniques to common turnings. He also reveals many specific procedures and tool-handling tips that give the reader a basic array of skills that enable them to turn a large variety of objects.

To get the new turner started, Gross includes chapters on turning a backscratcher, peppermill, pens, bowls, a lidded box, hollow vessel and even a birdhouse! A photo gallery follows, showing the possibilities and giving new turners inspiration.

Learn to Turn is a very good resource for new and not-so-new turners that want to learn the basics the right – and safe- way, the first time. The very reasonable cover price of $14.95 (10-19-2005) can be easily made up in saved wood by learning the information it contains.


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