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Available in 24 and 48" lengths, the Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges come in protective plaques/cases that can be wall-mounted.
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Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges

High-end accuracy and durability for your shop

Text and photos by Tom Hintz

Posted - 1-23-2008

When it comes to measuring machines or project parts for flatness, close isn't good enough. Either use a high precision tool or don't bother. I have learned to bother because I notice a difference in how easy a tool is to use, how effective it is and how accurate it is. Add those properties up and I can see their impact on my projects and the longevity of many related cutters.

At a full 1/4"-thick and made of high-end tool steel, the Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges are hefty to the hand and remain accurate.
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The Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges are made from 01 tool steel and surface ground on all four sides for dead on accuracy. At 1/4" thick and 2-1/2" wide, the Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges are thicker, wider and heavier than any other premium straight edges. After the hand holds are machined, all four sides are hand stoned to produce a satin smooth finish.

If you use other Woodpeckers products you know that they are obsessed with accuracy. The Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges are no different. The straightness of each Woodpecker SSE Straight Edge is guaranteed to +/- .002" over the entire length of the 24" model and +/- .004" for the 48" version.

Several years ago Woodpeckers began shipping their precision tools in custom made (CNC no less) MDF plaques/cases. These high-end cases can be mounted to a wall to both protect your Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edge and to add a little "look what I have" to your shop décor.

In the Shop

This section is going to be VERY short.

The Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges are dead flat and thanks to the 1/4" thickness, stand on a flat surface easily. That frees you for looking for light beneath its edge. If you see light, or can measure a gap, you can safely assume that the surface is at fault, not the Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges.

Whether checking machine setup or to see if a project is flat, accuracy is crucial or don't bother doing it!
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The hand hold slots machined into each Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges actually come in handy. These tools are surprisingly heavy for their size because they are made from real tool steel. You won't need a hoist to move them around but there will be no doubt that you have real steel in your hand.


If you care about the accuracy of your measuring tools, the Woodpeckers

Steel Straight Edges will be of interest. They embody Woodpeckers attention to detail and dedication to accuracy in all respects. They are exceptionally well made, the materials are first rate and the accuracy is unquestioned - and guaranteed.

Of course, if you really don't care about accuracy, one of the cheap alternatives will suffice.

the handhold (left) makes using the Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges easy. The case/plaque they come in (right) makes it just as easy to store (show off) your highly accurate tools.
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As you might expect, the Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges don't come free. The 48" (SSE-2-48) version sells for $189.95 and the 24" (SSE-2-24) model costs $89.95. (1-15-2008) Unless your shop is bombed or suffers some other high-yield calamity, the Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges will be there working accurately as long as you are - probably longer. That's the kind of value I look for.

See the Woodpeckers Steel Straight Edges on the Woodpeckers web site - Click Here

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