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The JET 6" Closed Stand Jointer brings full sized capacities and durability at a small-shop friendly price.
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JET JJ-6CSX, 6" Closed Stand Jointer

Big shop capability, small shop price

Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz

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The JET JJ-6CSX, 6" Closed Stand Jointer is typical JET-tough but sized nicely for the typical small shop - or for a first jointer. It's solid cast iron construction, surprising capacity and user friendly price tag make it as good of a value as it is useful.

The 215 LB JET 6" Closed Stand Jointer comes with a welded steel base cabinet that houses the motor, industrial style pushbutton switches and an effective dust collection chute. The dust chute terminates in a 4"-diameter port on the side of the cabinet. The cabinet keeps the JET 6" Closed Stand Jointer stable and puts the tables at a comfortable 31-1/4" above the floor.

Tough JET Power

The JET 6" Closed Stand Jointer features a 1 HP, 115/230V (pre-wired 115V), 1-phase motor. Keep in mind that JET motors are rated using a continuous duty cycle rather than the "peak" or "maximum developed" figures other manufacturers think we still accept as gospel. The continuous duty cycle gives the user the most accurate depiction of the actual power developed. A removable panel on the rear of the base cabinet provides access to the motor should you ever need it.

Capable Tables

The generous cast iron tables (left) provide plenty of support for most home shop projects. Both tables (right) have handwheels for making precise height changes.
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The cast iron tables are precisely machined to a silky-smooth finish that makes the JET 6" Closed Stand Jointer easy to use and accurate. The tables have an overall dimension of 45-3/4"-long by 7-3/8"-wide which means they are bigger than most of your projects plus are capable of handling even the large pieces most of us work with. The overall cut capacity is 6 1/16"-wide by 1/2"-deep. The outfeed table has a 1/2" rabbeting ledge for those who are interested in that kind of work.

Both the infeed and outfeed tables have front-mounted handwheels that control their height adjustments. The infeed table has an easy to read scale and pointer that makes setting the exact cut depth you want simple.

The infeed table has a maximum cut depth of 1/2" but comes equipped with an automatic limiter that helps prevent taking cuts deeper than 1/8". This limiter can be disengaged but the operator has to do it manually, making sure you know it is off.

The fence (left) is large and fully functional, including tilting to 45-degrees in and out. The fence mechanism (right) is solid, easy to use and features adjustable stops at both 45 and 90-degrees.
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Both the infeed and outfeed tables slide on gib controlled ways. Gib screw adjusters are provided that allows the user to dial out any play that might develop over the years. The instruction manual shows how to make this adjustment.

The Fence Goes Both Ways

Unlike many jointers in this class, the JET 6" Closed Stand Jointer features a dual bevel fence that goes to 45-degrees in or out. Operating the 29-1/8"-long by 3-7/8"-tall cast iron fence is tool free and has effective adjusters at all three major bevel settings. This is a nice fence system that is more than adequate for precise jointing and beveling operations.

3-Knife Cutter Head

The 3-knife cutterhead features jackscrews at each end of the knives to make critical height adjustments much easier.
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The cutter head is precisely machined from solid steel so it can spin vibration free at its normal 4800 RPM. The cutter head features three high-speed steel knives. Traditional gib bars and expander bolts secure the 6-1/16" -long by 5/8" -tall and 1/8" -thick knives.

Not so traditional are the easy to use jackscrews, one at either end of each knife. Jackscrews make adjusting knife height far easier and much more precise than many "standard" systems. Loosen the gib bars slightly and you can turn the jackscrews up or down without having to deal with slipping knives.

In the Shop

The JET 6" Closed Stand Jointer is a ruggedly built, full-featured jointer with plenty of capacity for the average home wood shop. The extensive use of cast iron makes this an exceptionally durable jointer at this price point.

Video Tour!

The JET 6" Closed Stand Jointer does not have extra eye candy or bells and whistles but does have everything you need to produce straight, square wood for your projects. All adjustments are easy to use and predictable. The fence system is first rate, solid and its controls simple to operate. The knife adjusting jackscrews are a welcome touch that makes that process easier and faster.

The motor has plenty of power for even full width cuts at a depth of 1/16" inch or so. I ran walnut, oak and poplar across the JET 6" Closed Stand Jointer and all were cut cleanly. I also straightened the edge of a 48"-long piece with no trouble at all. With proper technique, the JET 6" Closed Stand Jointer is capable of straightening much longer pieces. The dust collection was very efficient when hooked to my POWERMATIC PM1300 dust collector. The jointer and surrounding area stayed as clean as any similar machines I have used.


The JET 6" Closed Stand Jointer is a nicely sized jointer for the average home wood shop but its capabilities run well beyond that. With a street price of $575.95 (6-23-2008) getting a real floor model, cast iron jointer won't break the bank either. This machine has all of the features you need and the durability to continue fulfilling your jointing needs for decades to come.

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