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The new Bosch 1590EVS will quickly become the new standard in jigsaws.
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Bosch 1590EVS Jigsaw

Here Endeth the Blade-Changing Wars

Text & Photos by Tom Hintz

Never willing to leave well-enough alone, the folks at Bosch decided they could make what many already considered the best jigsaw, the Bosch 1587AVSK, better. When Bosch told me the 1590 was coming, I was a little concerned. How "improved" could it be? The designers at Bosch obviously had no such concerns, but they did have ideas.

Initial Impressions

   The Bosch 1590EVS does not look substantially different from the 1587 except for the new buttons and levers grouped mainly around the front. The most obvious changes surround the blade with the new systems there.

   The quality of the parts and their fit are typical first-rate Bosch. The Bosch 1590EVS feels good in your hand, balanced and comfortable. The controls are logically arranged and easy to use.


   The Bosch 1590EVS is built around a 6.4-amp motor, which Bosch states is the strongest on the market. Power may not seem like a big issue in a jigsaw, but the capabilities of the Bosch 1590EVS allow the user to make full use of it.

   Bosch counterbalances their motors, an expensive manufacturing process but one that drastically reduces vibration throughout the RPM range. Reducing vibration makes the saw more comfortable to use and extends the life of the operating mechanisms.

   The motor also makes use of the Bosch Constant Response Circuitry that monitors the load on the motor and applies additional power as needed to maintain the selected blade speed. The motor also has a Soft-Start feature, primarily to reduce internal reactions of full-power starts and the parts-wear that can induce.

Controlling the Speed

The speed control was moved to the rear and features 6 positions.
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   The variable speed control dial has been moved from the trigger to the rear of the saw body. The speed control has six marked positions representing RPM levels from 500 to 2800. The new dial is easier to read and far more difficult to accidentally change during use. Score one for the designers.

   The trigger control is large, designed to allow operation with two fingers to reduce fatigue. Lock-On buttons are located on either side of the saw making this feature equally accessible for right or left-handed operators. The lock-on feature is found on the Bosch 1590EVS model. The barrel grip version, 1591EVS uses a slider-switch the locks in the On or Off positions.

Footplate Gone Tool-Free

The lever (right) releases the baseplate for adjusting. The dial (left) controls the tension of the lever.
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   The Bosch 1590EVS footplate is adjustable 45-degrees to the left or right. It also can be moved towards the rear to allow cutting closer to vertical obstructions. These features are carried over from previous Bosch jigsaws but now they are completely tool-free.

   A flip-out lever on the right side of the Bosch 1590EVS controls all footplate articulations. Above the rear edge of the footplate is a dial with which the tension on the release lever can be adjusted.

   A snap-on no-mar sole plate is included, and replaces previous versions that required tools to replace. Even the anti-splinter inserts snap in place with no tools required.

   Are you sensing a trend here?

Blade Controls

The oscillation and blower controls return, joined by the Precision Control button (red) and the blade eject slider above and left of it.
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   The adjustable dust blower that helps keep the cut line clear has been carried over to the Bosch 1590EVS. Also making the trip is the four-position blade orbit control. Being able to control the amount of blade orbit allows tuning the saw for the best cut performance in a wide range of materials. The function and control levers for the dust blower and blade orbit are essentially the same as on the Bosch 1587.

   New on the Bosch 1590EVS is a Precision Control System, actuated by pressing a button. A pair of arms close on the blade, preventing it from deflecting left or right below the guide roller. The system is released by sliding the blade eject button part-way through its travel. Simple and effective.

Blade Changing - Bosch Wins

   The big deal in jigsaws over the last few years has evolved from tool-free blade changes to how fast that task can be accomplished. The system on the Bosch 1590EVSis new, innovative and wins this marketplace competition, hands down.

   The only way blade changing could be easier or faster is if they would jump in and out of the saw in response to voice commands. If that happens, look for Bosch to figure it out. And, if that comes to pass, remember, you read it here first!

In the Shop

The handle has a rubber insert that is comfortable and gives a solid feel of control.
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   The Bosch 1590EVS seems a bit larger than the 1587. When cutting wood, the superbly balanced motor and blade mechanism make this saw feel light and very easy to control.

   The handle is very comfortable in all cutting positions I could get into. The controls all seem easily reached when needed and out of the way the rest of the time.

   Of special interest is the speed control. The #1 position has a range of 1 to 500 strokes per minute (SPM) that comes in very handy when a gentle scoring or test cut is needed. The remaining speed levels, 2 through 6, have a common 500 SPM starting point with top speeds gradually increasing from 800 SPM to 2800 SPM. With the huge range of blades available from Bosch, this range of working speeds should more than cover any wood or situation encountered.

Blade Changing

The trigger is two-fingers-wide and has a lock-on button on either side of the saw.
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  If the new Bosch blade changing system isn't fast and simple enough, you really need to speak to a therapist about these unrealistic expectations.

   To install a blade, insert it in the plunger and give it a little push. You do have to align the blade with the slot yourself but I expect that won't take very long for most of us. To release a blade, push the slider button and the blade pops out, literally, so be careful where you aim it.

Shoe and Accessories

   Being able to adjust the angle of the shoe without tools may not sound like a big deal but does come in handy. The angles are marked and seem very accurate.

   The new clip-on non-marring shoe plate works, goes on easily and stays put.

   The snap-in anti-splinter insert works surprisingly well when cutting plywood and other material that are prone to chipping at the cut line. The anti-splinter insert has two positions for use with narrow and wide blades, both of which must have ground sides. The instruction manual provides a list of compatible blades which cover virtually any job the jigsaw might tackle.

Power and Control

   The 6.4-amp motor in theBosch 1590EVS provides more than enough power and the Constant Response Circuitry makes sure enough of it is applied to maintain the blade speed selected. This feature is most evident when you don't notice anything at all. The circuitry senses increasing loads and applies more power so quickly the operator doesn't notice anything except the blade does not slow. Have faith, it IS working!

Precision Control

A pair of "fingers" grasp the blade just above the cutting surface to further control deflection.
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   This feature helps prevent deflection of the blade, a problem caused by the operator applying sideways pressure during a cut, not something the saw was doing wrong. In keeping with the ease-of-operation theme, you need only push a button to activate the Precision Control mechanism.

   Simply put, the Precision Control system is a pair of mechanical fingers that grasp the sides of the blade near the cutting surface to hold it straight when the operator accidentally applies sideways pressure during a cut. While this system is very effective, you can still deflect the blade but the amount of force required to do so should make it obvious you are really messing up. Between the Precision Control system and a little concentration, straight-sided cuts should be easy to obtain.

Cutting Wood

Whether cutting straight or curved lines in virtually any type of wood, the Bosch 1590 handles the job with ease.
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   All of the new features in the Bosch 1590EVS add up to a very versatile machine that is a pleasure to use. It is comfortable to use and gives a solid feel for what is going on at the blade. Vibration is virtually non-existent aside from that generated by the blade in the wood and that is minor.

   The Bosch 1590EVS handles a wide range of cuts with exceptional accuracy. If the Bosch 1590EVSS wanders off the cutting line, it's you, not the jigsaw.

   The large selection of Bosch blades available (considered by many to be the best in any saw) combined with the features in the Bosch 1590EVS mean straight or tightly curved cuts are easier to do than ever before.


   If you need a jigsaw in your shop, the Bosch 1590EVS is at the top of the heap in terms of value, price and capabilities. If this saw will not handle the job, you need another type of machine entirely.

   The new features built into the Bosch 1590EVS put it head and shoulders above the rest, though it is often priced under the competition.

   The high-quality construction and materials, typical of Bosch tools, mean the Bosch 1590EVS could well be the last jigsaw you ever buy. It should be comforting to know that you will continue to be happy with that decision through all of those years.


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