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If own a bandsaw, you need this DVD!
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Bandsaw Tuning

Alex & Howard Snodgrass

Carter Products

Bandsaws are one of the most popular power tools in woodworking because of their versatility. However, bandsaws can also act like they have a mind of their own if not set up properly. Whether you are a veteran or novice with bandsaws, Bandsaw Tuning will show how to make your machine perform better and last longer.

During this 45-minute DVD, the Snodgrass' go through the bandsaw from top to bottom, describing the common problems and what to do about them. In many cases, multiple methods are presented for both diagnosing and remedying those situations.

After showing how to tune your bandsaw, Alex & Howard provide an overview of common operations and some of the more popular projects that can be made with a bandsaw that is set up right.

The final segment of the DVD is a quick look at the legendary Carter bandsaw accessories. While this is a form of advertising, the small snippets on each product are more like a video catalog, complete with information about what these accessories do, making it easier to choose the right piece for your saw the first time.

If you have a bandsaw, you need the Bandsaw Tuning DVD.

See this DVD at www.carterproducts.com

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