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Woodturning Jewellery

By Hilary Bowen

151 Pages - $22.95
Fox Chapel Publishing

Turning jewelry from wood is an interesting part of this hobby that is gaining popularity. The range of potential projects runs from simple to exotic, making it applicable to virtually any turner.

In Woodturning Jewellery, author Hilary Bowen walks the reader through the equipment and techniques used to create a wide range of jewelry-related projects. Bowen covers everything from tool to techniques, finishes and

Lots of quality photos and step-by-step instructions.
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woods, including the increasingly popular alternatives such as Corian and composites. Jewelry is usually mounted on or with something and Bowen includes a chapter on those "Findings" including many photos and suggestions for the hardware needed to complete them.

Detailed, step-by-step descriptions of making basic jewelry items such as earrings, broaches, rings, necklaces and "bangles" are included. Of course, nearly all of these are basic concepts that can be modified in many ways to produce unique items.

Bowen provides details on making multi-species blanks and how to turn them into eye-catching pieces in clear, understandable text. Bowen is English and the text contains terms generic to Great Britain, but it remains easy and pleasant to read. To illustrate the process, Woodturning Jewellery is loaded with high-quality photos.

If you are looking for a new range of projects for the lathe, Woodturning Jewellery could be the helping hand you need to learn the basics. Armed with this information, your imagination becomes the only limiting factor in this interesting form of turning.


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