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Templets are a cheap way to make your router even more productive.
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Bosch 7-Piece Templet Guide Kit - #RA1125

No-tools installation

Text & Photos by Tom Hintz

   Using guide bushings, also called templets, to guide routers around patterns in woodworking is great way to produce better looking projects in less time, and with less waste.

   The Bosch 7-piece Templet Kit fits many of their routers (see catalog for specific compatibilities) that are equipped with their easy-to-use, no-tools templet mounting system. The RA1125 kit contains a full range of templet sizes (see chart) and an insert designed to accept the Porter Cable style screw-in guide bushings that come with many manufactured jigs.

(Top) The Bosch Templets drop into a socket and lock in place with a finger-operated ring.
(Bottom) The shorter length of the collars mean more options when making patterns.
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   What makes the Bosch 7-piece Templet Kit different is the way they are installed in the router. A special adaptor, supplied with many of the Bosch router kits, is screwed into existing holes in the base. A finger-operated lever rotates a locking ring which secures and releases the templet guide. Hold the lever in the open position, set the templet in place from the underside of the base and then move the lever moved to the lock position.

   This system makes changing templets fast and easy between jobs or when more than one size templet is used on a project.

   The templets align to pins in the adaptor that centers them quite well. For even more accuracy, Bosch offers an accessory alignment pin they call a "centering cone." (Bosch part #RA1150) This machined centering cone has ¼" and ½"-diameter ends and a tapered center section that aligns the templet guides to the centerline of the router shaft very precisely.

The optional Centering Cone makes aligning the Templets fast and very accurate.
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   A very nice feature of the Bosch templets is the length of the collars; more precisely the lack of it. The longest collar length in the kit is only ½". Because the templets are set into the base slightly, the actual length of the collar below the baseplate is a little less than 7/16". Many guide templets have longer collars that make it necessary to use ¾"-thick material to make patterns. Keeping the collar length to ½" and under allows many more options when making patterns and templates.

  The Bosch 7-piece Templet Kit comes in a molded plastic storage box that keeps them organized. Some of the Bosch router kits (Bosch 1617EVS is one) include a case that has a specifically designed compartment for this set, making it easy to keep all related accessories with that kit.

   If you own a Bosch router, or are in the market for one, look at the RA1125 Templet Guide kit. Adding this templet kit extends the capabilities of an already very useful tool and will give you even more options with which to enhance your projects.

The Bosch RA1125 kit includes an adaptor for the Porter Cable-style screw in bushings.
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See the Bosch web site for more information on the templet kit and other router accessories.

For more information on using guide templets, see our story - Using Guide Bushings.

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