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Complete instructions, guidance and patterns make this a great way to get into this fascinating part of woodworking.
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Wildlife Intarsia

3-Dimensional Wooden Artwork

By Judy Gale Roberts & Jerry Booher

123 pages

Price - $19.95

Fox Chapel Publishing

Text & Photos by Tom Hintz

Intarsia is one of the more artistic forms of woodworking that can be done in even modestly equipped shops. A scroll saw, patterns and a few other tools common to basic woodworking shops will get you started with this intriguing extension of woodworking.

The first projects have extensive instructions to help you become familiar with the tools and techniques of Intarsia.
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Authors Judy Gale Roberts and Jerry Booher are two of the best-known Intarsia artists, authors and instructors. In the pages of Wildlife Intarsia, they guide the reader through the basics, including explanations of the tools, techniques, preparing patterns and finishing. Most woodworking is based on a relatively small number of techniques that are applied in various ways to achieve a specific look. Wildlife Intarsia makes learning and applying these skills easy and fun. With this book and a little practice, you can be creating wooden art that will astonish your friends and family.

In addition to explanations of how it is done, Wildlife Intarsia includes 14 patterns that make the learning process fun and productive. To guide the learning process, the projects are arranged in order of difficulty. The first projects include extensive step-by-step instructions that explain the process from selecting the wood to finishing. Though all of the pattern sections included wood

recommendations, the amount of instruction decreases as your experience builds.

The relatively small pieces that go into most Intarsia projects make this a natural extension of a woodworking shop. Many of the scraps left over from large-scale projects are perfect for Intarsia, stretching your material dollars a little further.

If you would like to expand your woodworking capabilities, check out Wildlife Intarsia. Along with having lots of fun in the shop, the Intarsia projects you create make spectacular gifts.


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