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Fully open, the Bosch TracRacTM can safely support 20-foot-long lengths of stock!
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Bosch TracRacTM T3B Miter Saw Stand

Durable, versatile and wheels!

Text & Photos by Tom Hintz

   Whether you are a contractor who hauls a miter saw to a new job site every day or a home woodworker with less frequent miter saw needs and too little space, the Bosch TracRacTM (#T3B) is a new cure for an old problem.

   Once again, the Bosch engineering and design teams blew right by simply curing a problem. As is their custom, a host of features were included that make the Bosch TracRacTM an exceptionally well-built, versatile tool with value for anyone with a miter saw.

Initial Impressions

   As they emerge from the box, the components that make up the Bosch TracRacTM are impressive. Nearly all parts are made from thick-wall aluminum extrusions that show top-quality manufacturing. The thickness of the material and overall size of the components make it obvious that Bosch intends the Bosch TracRacTM to provide many years of trouble-free service even under the near constant use of the contractor world. For the home woodworker/handyman, the Bosch TracRacTM may at first seem like overkill but its stability, safety and storage features make it perfect for smaller shops as well.


The adjustable leg stabilizes the entire stand in seconds, making it much safer on less-than-even surfaces.
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   The Bosch TracRacTM instruction manual has many quality illustrations that supplement the text to make the assembly process easy to follow. Page 8 of the manual is filled with full-scale drawings of the standard (SAE) fasteners and related hardware that make identification easy.

   The parts and fasteners are grouped logically in individual packages with labels often referred to in the written instructions. All fastener packages contained the correct number of pieces.

   The fasteners are first quality with aircraft-style insert locking nuts used extensively to insure what is put together stays together.

   All of the aluminum extrusions are symmetrical, making it impossible to assemble any of the sub-assemblies or the stand itself backwards. Precise manufacturing of the extrusions and related parts means everything fits properly the first time. Sliding parts really slide – and lock – as intended.

   The only advice I have on assembly is to follow the manual. I freelanced a little bit (how tough can this be?) and wound up having to take the end caps off to install a set of rubber bumpers. Not a big deal and totally my fault.

The Basic Stand

   At the heart of the Bosch TracRacTM is a 54 ½"-long by 5"-wide thick-walled aluminum main extrusion on which the rest of the components are based. The factory-installed leg assemblies mount and pivot in tough steel brackets at either end.

   Heavy-duty spring-loaded pins fit into deep indents to lock the legs in the up or down position. Though easy to release, these locks make sure the Bosch TracRacTM is not going to fold up unexpectedly, with an expensive saw on board.

   With the legs locked in the open position, the Bosch TracRacTM's main rail is a comfortable 34" above the ground, making the assembly

(Top) The tough wheel assembly is standard.
(Bottom) With the legs folded closed, the whole assembly can be easily wheeled where needed by one person.
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process a largely stand-up operation. The table of my Bosch 4410, 10" SCMS (sliding compound miter saw) is 38 ¾" above ground level when installed on the Bosch TracRacTM.

   The 1 5/8"-diameter legs have thick rubber feet that help prevent the Bosch TracRacTM from moving during use. They also prevent the legs from gouging or scratching the surface on which it stands.

   One leg has a telescoping extension at the bottom that is adjusted to compensate for uneven surfaces to make the Bosch TracRacTM rock-steady. An adjustable lever clamp makes quick work of setting the extension and locking it anywhere within the approximately 6" of travel.

Hey! Nice Wheels!

  Despite the all-aluminum construction and weighing a scant 39 pounds, when equipped with your miter saw, the Bosch TracRacTM can be a bit awkward to carry. Bosch added a pair of high-quality 3 ½"-diameter wheels, mounted to one end of the main rail with an extra-thick steel mounting plate and full-width steel axle. The wheels are made of tough material and ride on large bushings that insure easy rolling and long life.

   To use the wheels, fold the legs on that end to their stowed position and set the wheels on the ground. Lift the other end of the Bosch TracRacTM a bit to get the legs off the ground to roll it where needed. The wheels are large enough to roll reasonably well in grass or dirt and effortlessly on smooth surfaces.

Extension Arms

   A pair of 44"-long extension arms mount in channels on the

The sturdy extension arms can be secured in any position in seconds.
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main rail, one in front and the other in back. Both are fully adjustable and secured at any length by lever-operated locks. The locks themselves are adjustable to compensate for wear of the simple mechanism that might occur over the years. The extension arms retract fully within the length of the main stand rail for storage or transport.

   Each extension arm extends about 30" beyond the end of the main stand, producing an overall support width of just over 113"! That means working with 20-foot-long material presents no problems, something that will be especially appreciated by contractors and home improvement users. To increase the capacity to one side or the other even further, the saw can be offset on the main channel.

Adjustable Material Supports

Adjusting the material supports to match the saw is easy and tool-free.
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   Both extension arms have fully adjustable 12"-long material supports that can be set to match the saw table height. Positionable roller guides on both supports can also be set to match the saws fence to keep stock aligned and moving freely when needed.

   The material support height and guide rollers are secured with finger-operated knobs, eliminating having to find or keep tools handy.

Saw Mount

   A pair of lever-operated locking plates fitted with 18"-long rails secure the miter saw to the Bosch TracRacTM. The mounting rail-locking plate assemblies can be spaced with the rails angled as needed to fit virtually any miter saw. To further insure compatibility with the widest possible range of saws, the mounting bolts can be located anywhere along the mounting rails. Bosch also includes several lengths of bolts to properly fit the mounting boss thickness on most saws.

(Top) The quick-release mounts are easy to attach to virtually any miter saw.
(Bottom) Removing the saw, with the mounts still attached takes seconds. Legs on the mount arms make it ready for securing to any flat surface for use.
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   The instruction manual shows several mounting options but the flexibility of this system makes attaching just about any saw easy and straight forward.

   Composite legs attach under the ends of the saw mounting rails allowing the entire saw and mounting assembly to be removed from the Bosch TracRacTM and placed on a bench or other adequate surface. This is very handy for the occasional user and contractors who want to remove the saw during transport or occasionally use the saw in a confined area.

   The mounting plates have lever locks that hold the saw to the Bosch TracRacTM tightly but can be released in seconds to move it to a table if desired without disassembling any part of the mounting system. The lever locks can be released and the whole assembly slid to a new position virtually anywhere along the length of the main rail to increase support capacity to either side.

In Use

   After mounting my Bosch 4410 sliding compound miter saw to the Bosch TracRacTM, its utility around a home woodworking shop became very evident. It would prove to be a very handy system and a great addition to the shop.

   When the Bosch TracRacTM had to be moved, as is often the case in a small shop, the wheels turn what could be a dangerous, back-straining event into a nearly effortless task. The wheels also

When folded up, the T3B is easy to store. The wheels make it easy to get it in small places.
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make putting the collapsed Bosch TracRacTM into a confined space for storage very easy.

   The adjustable leg on the Bosch TracRacTM is an important feature because it makes using the saw far safer by stabilizing the saw. We set the Bosch TracRacTM up on every out-of-level piece of ground in the area but a flip of the cam lever lock on the adjustable leg had the stand rock solid in seconds.

   The work extensions and supports are very easy to use and lock securely with only moderate pressure on their levers or knobs. Being able to place a rigid support virtually anywhere needed allows the operator to concentrate on making the cut, not straining to hold the wood down on the table.

   Throughout our testing, the Bosch TracRacTM was used for every odd or otherwise difficult cut that came along. In each case, the features built into the Bosch TracRacTM allowed those cuts to be made safely and with a high degree of accuracy. The Bosch TracRacTM gets "A" grades on all counts.


   The Bosch TracRacTM is a well designed, ruggedly built piece of equipment with benefits that make it useful to contractors, do-it-yourselfers and woodworkers. The Bosch TracRacTM's ability to expand or contract to fit the task at hand brings a welcome versatility that allows it to be used effectively in virtually any shop space and to make the best use of the space available. The adjustability of the Bosch TracRacTM's work support system brings a new level of safety and accuracy to the ever-popular miter saw.

   With a street price yet to be determined (10-10-2004), the soon-to-be released Bosch TracRacTM is an attractive and effective alternative to other stands, built or bought.

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