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We all need to use levels when building or installing our projects. Now you can be accurate and show some class at the same time with the Johnson EcoTech® Series Wood Levels
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Johnson EcoTech® Series Wood Level

Woodshop bling that really is on the level!

Text & photos by Tom Hintz

Posted - 3-20-2011

I think everyone knows that Johnson Level and Tool makes great leveling tools. Now they offer some very cool looking, ultra-precise levels featuring environmentally conscious new high-growth American hardwood bodies. And they are hand Made in America in a dedicated wood manufacturing plant in Northern Wisconsin.

The Basics

The Johnson EcoTech® Series Wood Levels have a laminated Birch hardwood body set within a metal framework, both of which help keep it very straight and accurate. The ends are protected with cushioning rubber caps that contrast the wood and metal. The body has two handhold openings with nicely rounded edges. The Johnson EcoTech® Series Wood Level is available in a 24” (#724) and the 48” (#748) length shown in this review.

Dual Vial Accuracy

Both the horizontal vials (left) and their vertical counterpart (right) have twin high-quality acrylic vials that have a gentle bow in them to make reading them easier from nearly any angle.
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The Johnson EcoTech® Series Wood Level features highly accurate dual vials at each of the three normal positions. The vials have a gentle curve that makes them easier to read accurately. Going a step further these vials are hand set in each Johnson EcoTech® Series Wood Level to insure the ultimate in precision.

The vials are made from a special impact resistant acrylic that is actually stronger than glass. To further protect the vials replaceable hardened glass lenses are mounted on both sides of the vials. These lenses help the Johnson EcoTech® Series Wood Level resist fogging and scratching.

In the Shop

Using a level is easy but when you trust that level to be dead-on accurate is easier yet. The folks at Johnson Level and Tool have been making accurate levels for a long time and their EcoTech® Series Wood Levels let you be accurate and stylish all at once. Besides, a wooden level just looks and feels right in any woodworking shop and might even give you a little more “cred” than you get now.

Judging by my email this cannot be stressed enough. The Johnson EcoTech® Series Wood Levels are MADE in the UNITED STATES!

The vials and their protective glass lenses actually are easy to read in nearly any position. Whether outdoors or inside under artificial light the vials are clearly visible and stand out from every background I could find. I also tried reversing the Johnson EcoTech® Series Wood Level on several surfaces and the readings matched each time, indicating that it is dead on.


The Johnson EcoTech® Series Wood Level has a street price around $40.00 (3-20-2011) which is remarkable for this kind of quality and accuracy. Everyone needs a good level and we know Johnson Level and Tool makes good ones. Now with their Johnson EcoTech® Series Wood Levels they just might be offering the only truly useful “bling” in the woodworking industry!

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