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The VersaSpin 360® comes in an 11" and 16" sizes. You can also buy additional pads or triangles should you have special needs.
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VersaSpin 360®

Turntables for hobbies and the shop

Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz

Posted– 3-11-2012

So there is no power cord or cutting edges but the VersaSpin 360® could be more of a help in more situations that we think. It is made primarily from plastic but making it from anything more substantial would kick up the price without a corresponding rise in function. Sometimes we have to accept that the designers made things right for the intended use. So is the case with the VersaSpin 360®.

The VersaSpin 360® comes in two sizes, 11” and 16”. The 11” VersaSpin 360® can support up to 50-lbs and the 16” version 200-lbs! I looked around me in my shop and noticed that the 50 to 200-lb rating would easily cover everything I might set on the VersaSpin 360®. I suspect they will cover your shop needs as well. You can also drill open four screw holes molded into the underside of the main table to attach a larger shop-made deck if needed.

The surface of the VersaSpin 360® deck is covered with an array of pegs that locate accessories for supporting various types of projects. The 11" VersaSpin 360® comes with 4 plastic Painter Pyramids® and 4 triangular Grabbers™ but the 16" version doubles that to 8 Painter Pyramids® and 8 Grabbers™. You can use the deck bare or place the Grabbers™ where needed. Each Grabbers™ has three holes in one side that fit snugly over three pegs on the deck. The rubber surface of the Grabbers™ has lots of grip to keep whatever you place on them from slipping around on the VersaSpin 360® while you spin the piece for applying finish or whatever the task is. The Painter Pyramids® fit onto the Grabbers™ or clip right tot he turntable deck elevating your project on the tiny points that let you apply finish to virtually all sides of a project.

In the Shop

You get a selection of the Painter Pyramids® and Grabbers™ (left) but you can also buy packages of them (right) to outfit your VersaSpin 360® for special jobs.
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Using the VersaSpin 360® is as simple as it gets. Place the VersaSpin 360® on a flat surface and then place your project on the turntable. For the vast majority of folks the VersaSpin 360® will make many finishing or other tasks much easier and probably faster. Just being able to turn the piece in place rather than having to pick it up or slide it on the bench lets you reposition the piece in less space and with one hand.

The Grabbers™ have a ton of grip thanks to the soft rubber compound that feels like many of the better bench top pieces meant for holding your work. Just why these rubber surfaces grip so well is a bit of a mystery but you learn to accept that and get on with your work. The Painter Pyramids® also work just as you expect but are held in place by their connection to the Grabbers™. Nothing real complicated here either but they work very well anyway.


Video Tour

The VersaSpin 360® is a surprisingly simple bench top tool that is effective in virtually any shop. Whether you are a pro or an amateur the VersaSpin 360® will be very handy to have around. It is hard to overstate how handy it is to put a project on a turntable so you can turn it rather than move around it yourself.

With street prices of just $24.99 for the 11” model and $34.99 for the 16” kit (3-11-2012) the VersaSpin 360® are cost effective. Storing them requires close to zero space but they can make you a bit more effective and perhaps faster. Plus, these are not one-time-use tools because you will find more and more things to use the VersaSpin 360® for once you have them in the shop.

Visit the VersaSpin 360® web site. – Click Here

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