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I Get Email #3

Yes, there are more

Text, photo & video by Tom Hintz

Posted - 1-12-2012

I was kind of certain that once I started going public with some of the email I get that the volume would decrease quickly. If you work with or in public you probably knew all along that there wasn't much chance of this ending anytime soon.

This volume of I Get Email is late because of the holidays, football (Panther and Packer backer here, had a good year) and I was just busy with lots of other site-related things.

It may be a little late but I Get Email #3 is here so have a little fun and be thankful that you didn't get drunk and then get brave with your email program...

For those who are now trying to write odd email to get into these stories (there are some, no kidding) give it up. People have to be naturally odd in some way to generate the kind of email that gets in these stories.

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