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Changes at NewWoodworker.com

The rumors are, once again, wrong

By Tom Hintz, Publisher
NewWoodworker.com LLC

(Originally posted, fall of 2005)

   It seems some of you have the impression that NewWoodworker.com is cutting back, or going away entirely. Not true. All that is happening is the emails I used to send out announcing the addition of new material to Newwoodworker.com have ended. That's it. Everything else continues.

   NewWoodworker.com has grown far faster and larger than I ever anticipated. To date there have been well over 4 million visits to this site since it's inception a bit over two years ago. And, the rate of growth shows no signs of slowing. Because of that growth, I am not going to change the formula this site is based on.

New content will continue to be added to NewWoodworker.com, continuing the focus on the new woodworkers out there, and the veterans that just want to learn more.

   I expect that new content will appear on NewWoodworker.com weekly, sometimes more frequently, occasionally a bit slower, but it WILL continue.

   As always, I am very interested in your thoughts and input regarding NewWoodworker.com. I listen to what you are saying and try to incorporate as many of your ideas as possible into the structure of this site. The explosive growth we have enjoyed so far indicates this is a good plan, and it will continue. Feel free to email me at any time with your thoughts or suggestions.

   I want to thank all of you who visit NewWoodworker.com so regularly. You are why it has become such a success. I will continue to work at providing the best content possible to make this site ever better.

Tom Hintz, Publisher

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