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Here we go again...
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I Get Email #5

You bring out the kid in me!

Text, photo and video by Tom Hintz

Posted - 2-27-2012

I suspected that posting my Kickback on Camera story was going to set the wing nut nation off but the overall response was very heartening. That's not to say that I didn't get some weird and even scary email, I did but of the 223,000 people who have viewed that Kickback video (as of this am, 2-27-2012) less than 10 felt the need to try and take a shot at me, over that video or other things.

The good news is that we can count on them to come through when we need a pick-me-up. They might be a bit strange but they do keep things interesting! Plus, I found it necessary to prove that I can be a part of the wing nut nation myself!


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