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Someone out there thinks that my upswept eyebrows are a physical reaction to dealing with the odd emails I get. Thanks for the concern but that isn't it - I think.
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I Get Email #4

Some of you are watching way too close...

Text, photo and video by Tom Hintz

Posted - 2-15-2012

It took a little longer but once again several odd emails arrived at NewWoodworker.com. I want to remind everyone that these "odd" emails come at a rate of about 1 for every 1000 or so reasoned emails I get. There isn't some kind of disease working its way through the NewWoodworker.com viewership.

One point of concern for me though is that someone is paying very close attention to my eyebrows. This person asked if getting the odd emails was having an effect on me. Now that they pointed out the upswept eyebrow thing I was wondering a little myself. But the little upsweep has been around longer than the odd emails so I can't blame that on the folks writing them I don't think....


You are safe also so sit back, relax and check out I Get Email #4. I just know that I Get Email #5 can't be far behind.

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