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Growth-Driven Changes and Enhancements

Posted - 5-13-2006

Once again, NewWoodworker.com LLC is making changes to keep up with ever-growing traffic and how the content is presented. Though some of the changes will be obvious in terms of how the pages load and look on different browsers and monitor sizes, much of our work will be behind the scenes, revamping the nuts and bolts that drive what you see.

In recent months I have added more photographic lighting and substantially expanded our video and video editing capabilities. In addition to providing short video clips within appropriate Tool Reviews to better highlight functions and capabilities, I will be producing a range of full-length How-To DVD’s covering the basics of many areas of woodworking. A special feature of our How-To videos is including material that addresses the most frequently asked questions on that topic. I receive thousands of emails to NewWoodworker.com LLC each month, many with questions. The sheer number of questions received allows me to identify common issues that need to be addressed.

While I do not anticipate substantial outages of the NewWoodworker.com LLC site, there could be short periods where specific pages or sections could be difficult to access. Most of the changes that require taking content off-line will be done between 3am and 6am to minimize that inconvenience. Should you have trouble accessing a page, please try again a little later.

All of these changes are designed to provide more content and features in the best way possible to enhance their usefulness to the ever-growing number of folks visiting NewWoodworker.com LLC. I appreciate every visit and hope to repay that loyalty by making NewWoodworker.com LLC an even better source for the information you want and need.

Best Regards,

Tom Hintz, Publisher
   NewWoodworker.com LLC

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