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Yes, it's me again but this time with a reasonable email mixed in as well!
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I Get Email #10

There are normal emails in there, too!

Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz

Posted - 11-26-2012

Though I normally highlight the goofy emails I get in the I Get Email series I do get more normal emails than bizarre ones. After we wade through a couple classic I get Email selections we look at one with a question I get fairly often - why I don't feature me in more of my photos and videos.

I have always thought that the content was the important part of NewWoodworker.com, not me or my image. I know that lots of people seem to be promoting themselves more than the information but that has never been my style. I worked in national magazines for a decade and thought I had two or three articles in each issue there were less than three pictures of me printed. the readers loved the information and didn't seem to mind not seeing me. Apparently the people who wanted to see my face in the magazine most were my editor and my Mother. Anyway, I thought the readers were right so that style carried over to NewWoodworker.com and in this version of I Get Email I look at some of the other reasons I try to stay off camera.

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