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I am SO glad that well over 99% of you are smart, thoughtful people. You make dealing with the few knuckleheads bearable.
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If Brains Were Dynamite

A very few of you couldn’t blow your nose

Text and photo by Tom Hintz (you don’t deserve a video)

Posted – 8-8-2012

I think most everybody knows that I sincerely appreciate well over 99% of the people that visit NewWoodworker.com. About the same percentage of the folks sending me email are also reasoned, honest people with whom I enjoy interacting. But, as with any segment of society a few real leakers get mixed in with the good folks.

No, Louder is Not Smarter

One of my favorite groups are those who figure that if they just make enough noise they can get their way with whomever they want to scam. I have seen threads on this very subject on woodworking forums where some of the louder idiots coach their lemmings on making enough noise to get manufacturers to replace a tool they blew up (sometimes actually admitting so in the thread) or to try and get a discount for which they do not qualify. I have had a few of the discount yellers myself.

What is odd is that these knuckleheads seem to think that manufacturers can’t or won’t cruise through forums. I know that is not true because in conversations with more than one manufacturer they pointed out these rip-off tutors to me. Word gets around there numb nuts.

Sanity Dominates

One of the stark realities about this little wing nut nation (as coined by an old editor of mine) is how little their numbers really are. I am constantly heartened when I see the huge number of legitimate thinking people I interact with between each of the poor souls whose mental saw had obviously run into a knot. For each overstated diatribe I get from someone who surely suffers from bubbles in their think tank I get a slew of calmly written comments or questions that give me faith in our numbers.

As hard as they may try, in the real world (aside from politics) idiots do not rule though many have themselves believing that they do. The folks with a functioning brain may not be loud, they don’t spend hours trying to figure out how to rip someone off and they don’t feel the need to flame others on the forums to feel superior.

When my email falls silent for even short periods I think about all of the clear thinking folks who are having a good time, building projects and interacting with humanity rather than harassing me with obnoxious emails. I do so appreciate you folks! I really do!

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