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Ornaments can be simple or as complicated as you like. Best of all is that you don;t need fancy wood or tools to make them!
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Ornaments Off the Lathe

Low buck way to create custom gifts or decorations

Text, photo and video by Tom Hintz

Posted - 9-26-2012

Turning ornaments is a great project for the average woodworking shop because you can use virtually any scraps you have and you do not need a big fancy lathe. In this Video Tutor I made the ornaments on my Rockler Mini Lathe using a laminated pine 2X4 that I had used for lathe tests etc. I cut it into sections and turned the ornaments essentially for free! You also do not need a drawer full of expensive turning tools. I made this entire video using a 1/2" spindle gouge, 1 1/4" parting tool and a small skew chisel. I bet you have those and more!

The holiday season will be here before you know it so it's time to get going on the gifts and decorations. If you cover enough gifts there might be enough cash left over to get yourself that gift that you know nobody else is going to buy for you!

Video Tutor


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