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Building this hickory stand required machining just over 40 board feet of rough stock. Despite taking multiple light cuts, the toughness of hickory took a toll on my jointer and planer knives, both of which already had lots of mile on them.
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Hickory Microwave Cabinet

With Pull-Out Trash Bin

Text, photos & design by Tom Hintz

This was my first complete hickory project and may well be my last. If you have never worked with hickory before, it is the hardest (by far) wood I have every used and taxes all of the cutting and shaping tools in a big way. It does look nice when completed and will probably outlast pyramids.

Designed as an add-on cabinet for an existing kitchen, the stand is 36 1/4"-tall and about 23"-wide by 22"-deep. Everything with the exceptions of the back, floor and upper drawer case (poplar) is made from solid hickory. I had to machine all of the parts from rough-cut stock

The pull-out drawer for the trash bin was custom designed and built to work with the panel-type door. It also is all hickory.
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The trash bin pull-out was designed and built in the shop using heavy-duty Accuride full extension slides. We looked at the commercially available trash pullouts but none would work well with the rails & stile door. I made a frame for the pull-out from hickory and applied a laminate to the top for protection.

The person for whom this project was built likes it a lot. Though I enjoyed building it, I will think long and hard about making anything out of hickory again!

Sorry, this was a custom project and plans will not be available.

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