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Every time I get sure that nothing will surprise me somebody surprises me. I Get Email #11 is no different>
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I Get Email #11

Lots of fun and a little hate

Text, photo and video by Tom Hintz

Posted 5-1-2013

I know it has been a while since the last I Get Email appeared but fear not, here is #11! I am confident that there will be many more!

Once again we hear from a couple woodworker's wives who let their favorite dust-maker think he is running the show. Of course there is a non-believer or two of this just would not be a well rounded I Get Email episode! What is different this time is that one guy chose to use my fight with Alzheimer's in hopes of getting his way. Don't worry, he is failing miserably.

As always, I enjoy hearing from 99.9% of you so keep writing. We know the .1% will!

Tom Hintz, publisher

I Get Email #11


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