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Calculating Bandsaw Blade Speed

S.F.P.M. = Surface Feet Per Minute

   Knowing the S.F.P.M. for your bandsaw can be very important to getting the most from a particular blade and when cutting various types of wood. The blade manufacturer often specifies an optimum S.F.P.M. for the blade but attaining that rate depends on your saw and the speeds (pulley diameters) available.

The formula to determine S.F.P.M. is:

Motor RPM multiplied by the Motor pulley diameter divided by the Driven pulley diameter times the Bandsaw wheel diameter times pi (3.1416) divided by 12 = S.F.P.M.

Motor RPM X Motor pulley diameter / Driven pulley diameter X Bandsaw wheel diameter x 3.1416 / 12 = S.F.P.M.

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