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3-Tiered Plant Stand

   My wife wanted something on which to put some of her many outdoor plants. I had enough pressure treated lumber in the scrap bin so with her loose dimensions I began cutting up lumber.

   The framework was easy to design, just surround her dimensions. This piece would remain exposed to the weather and the wife wanted to be able to water the plants with a hose. That meant designing shelves that would shed the water rather than holding it on their surface.

   I began by ripping the frame pieces from 2 by 4 stock. I ran everything across the jointer and through my surface planer to true the pieces up. After rough cutting the frame pieces I ripped the shelve slats a little over ½-inch wide from another pressure treated 2 by 4. These were also passed through the planer to be sure they were uniform in dimension to eliminate problems during assembly.

   With the dado blade in my arm saw I marked off the positions of the slats (1 inch apart) and cut the grooves in all frame pieces. Then I widened the dado blade to cut dados in the frame pieces for joining.
   I assembled both side frames, then glued and pinned (one brad just to prevent movement during assembly) the slats into the dados. I added a couple of clamps and set it aside to dry.

   After drying I cleaned off each platform to be sure there were no high spots and the project was complete.

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