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Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses are Made in America but just as importantly, they fold up so they can be stored in a tiny corner of the shop!
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Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses

Strength and storability at the same time!

Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz

Posted – 2-13-2013

Just about everybody has some form of sawhorses in their shops. While there are a ton of designs out there very few effectively address the space-saving needs of today’s smaller shops. Like many of you I have built stacking sawhorses but piling them up was still not effective for keeping them out of the way when not in use. But now the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses come along promising both the strength we want and the space-saving storage requirements we need.


The Basics

The Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses are made largely from pine and heavy plywood, materials that make sense for something like this. While there may not be any fancy CNC work the parts are cleanly cut and fit correctly. There obviously has been a bunch of prototype and jig-making effort invested in the development of the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses.

When unfolded the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses are 36”-long and 28-1/2”-tall. The top rail is 3-1/4”-wide and has a ledge along the sides for clamping things in place. The legs are splayed and have a maximum width of 16-1/4” with the locks snapped in place. Folded the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses are 36”-long by about 4-1/2”-wide and 5”-tall. That makes storage simple in the most cluttered of shops. And folded or not, they weigh just 7-1/2-lbs and have a carry strap both of which making moving the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses a no-strain event. And when you get them where you want them they can support 1100 lbs each!

The main rail (left) is very tough to support lots of weight. The clamping ledge on each side (right) comes in very handy for many tasks around the shop.
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One thing the manufacturer notes is that the edges are eased and the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses do not have all the places to pinch your fingers as do normal folding sawhorses. The Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses have spring-loaded legs and do have a couple of places you probably could get pinched but you will immediately feel dumb for having your hand there in the first place. Folding and unfolding the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses is much easier with your hands away from the hinge point where it could get pinched.

Something else the manufacturer proudly points out is that 96% of the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses are renewable materials from US timber sources. And the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses are Made in America. I know this is an important point to many so this is another place to put your tool dollars where you mouth is to show people that American Made products can actually sell!


In the Shop

Sawhorses either work or they don’t and the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses certainly do perform well. In the open position they are as stable as any I have used. Their weight carrying capacity exceeds most common woodworking needs so that is not an issue. I like the clamping ledge because we should be clamping just about everything we cut on a sawhorse anyway but the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses make that easy.
The folding feature is different in a wooden sawhorse and puts the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses head and shoulders above the masses. The Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses open and close easily plus that procedure takes just a few seconds.



Video Tour

If there is something wrong with the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses I can’t find it. Everything about them appears to be very straightforward and user friendly. The Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses are a good idea that has been executed well.

With a street price of just $44.99 each (2-13-2013) with quantity discounts down to $39.99 each the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses are not overly expensive. I know we can buy the wood fairly cheap but by the time we figure out how to make the cuts so they fit together right and source out the springs and other hardware the $44.99 starts looking way better.

Whether you don’t have sawhorses or need better storing ones the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses should be of interest. This is a good idea that can free up some shop space without sacrificing the benefits of having a couple sawhorses to work on.

Visit the Hide-A-Horse Sawhorses web page – Click Here

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