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Posted - October 2002

This Safety Survey was intended to grab a snapshot of the injuries sustained in a general sample of woodworkers. I am simply trying to identify safety concerns that I can try to address in future articles. This is not trying to be definitive safety research, just a feeler to get an idea of where we are in terms of general shop safety.

There is no information aside from your answers being recorded, the survey is totally anonymous and there is no personal information to be sold to outside sources. Only your answers are important and that is all that is being recorded.

Be honest and answer all of the questions you can. Those who have not sustained a woodworking-related injury, Pick your answers up to question #8 and then select "None" or "No Injury" for the remaining questions. Everyone that has sustained an injury, please answer the remaining questions!

Note: this survey has been completed.

Thank You!

Tom Hintz, publisher, NewWoodworker.com LLC


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