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Rotating Banners!

To insure you get the maximum value for your ad dollar at our banner management rotates the banners on each page load. This gives the viewer plenty of time to read your banner and click on it if your presentation appeals to them. All banners are drawn from the same pool for each position and all are weighted equally. Because all 950 + pages of the site draw from the same banner pool you are always on an even playing field!

Flat Rates

We offer cost-saving Flat Rates that are easy to understand, plan your expenditure and saves even more money for longer-term ad buys in 3,6 and 12 month periods.

24/7 Reports

Our powerful banner ad management system lets you log in to see your banner statistics and produce reports on your banners using a personalized user name and password. And you can do this 24/7 whenever you have time.

In addition to the standard ad sizes and placements as shown on this page I would be happy to discuss special ad campaigns.

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